Apparently “Novena Solena”…

Apparently “Novena Solena”… October 16, 2012

…doesn’t exactly translate from Foreignese into English as “Solemn Novena”. Seriously, this must be seen to be believed:

Either that, or these people have an altogether different understanding of what “solemn” means.

I think the roller skating angels are my favorite part, though the music is also great.

Where would the world be without sheer tasteless Catholic kitsch? I find it curiously reassuring somehow. It consoles me to know that the Church is still the home of ordinary schlubs like me with no aesthetic sense who chew with our mouths open, laugh at stupid jokes, enjoy vulgar spectacles and, for all that, try to love God in our clumsy dumb way. I much prefer it to the fragile orchids of liturgical perfectitude. Not that I have a problem with liturgy well done. It’s just that I think crass people are more important than ideal aesthetics.

The only thing that would turn me off to this bizarre video would be finding out that this strange circus was not an expression of ordinary schlubitude planned and executed by schlubs from their tasteless and simple hearts, but of some idiot elitist liturgist who devised it with the supposition that this is what “the people” want. Then I’m offended. But if this was planned and executed by ordinary schlubs doing the best they can like some pack of crack-brained Little Drummer Boys, I will respect it in the spirit of tasteless but sincere devotion in which it was given. Widow’s mites and all that. Not everybody is Mozart. Lots of us are just goofballs who offer what substandard stuff we can. Just think how much dreadful singing Jesus smiles on at each Sunday Mass.

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