Don’t Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Don’t Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream October 26, 2012

In response to defenses of Obama’s drone war on Pakistani four year old girls I am getting from both “pragmatic” Lefties (you may remember them as the “anti-war Left”) and kill-crazy conservatives (you may remember them as the “prolife Right”) who agree with Romney’s enthusiastic support for the President’s policies here, I may be nearing a political conversion.  How’s this for an endorsement for Obama on the one policy of his–secret, unilateral, lawless murder of civilians–everybody on both sides of the aisle seems to agree on:

We need to be open to new and fresh ways to murder civilians.  This is the Third Millennium after all.  Hope and Change.  Romney simply means to continue the policies of secret unilateral murder pioneered by Obama.  He is not an original thinker and is notoriously timid and changeable in his convictions.  Why not let the man who really blazed the trail into a whole new species of war crime continue and *finish* the job of transforming the Executive into a lawless killocrat instead of handing the work over to a dull plodder who might even, in response to negative polls, stop blowing up four year olds (albeit reluctantly, judging from his debate performance).  We can’t take that chance. This is a job that calls for ideological rigor and moral certitude, not Romney’s amoral cynicism.  Don’t go soft now, America.

Obama 2012: And make certain not one 4 year old Pakistani girl is left alive for Al Quaida to recruit!

I think this really says it all about American unity behind the President.  Call him Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the imminent inaugurator of a Communist Shariah Atheist Islamic Police State how they may, the “Prolife Right” has no problem handing over to Obama the power to lawlessly murder whoever he pleases when it’s a matter of guarding our precious freedom from attack by Pakistani four year old girls.  Similarly, the Left has no problem ignoring the ACLU and bending over for the One when he seizes that power.  We are one nation after all!

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