Prayer Requests and Praise Report

Prayer Requests and Praise Report October 26, 2012

A reader writes:

I’m wondering if you might ask your readers to pray for a teenager (at the time) who disappeared five years ago.  I came across some old correspondence with him this morning and feel prompted to renew my own prayers for him & his family.  If you and your readers are willing, perhaps a few extra prayers might help them where ever they are and maybe bring some healing to those who still feel their absence.

Father, hear our prayer for this person that he may be found and returned to his family safely and that he and his family may find peace, healing, grace, and strength through this trial.  Mother Mary and St. Anthony, pray for them.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

Arnold, the 20yo alcoholic I recently requested prayer for, called me last night to report that he has chosen to enter a long term treatment facility, Christian in focus! Since his parents are ashamed of him he has asked me to visit once he has those privileges. So pray for him that his treatment bears much fruit. And also pray for me that I don’t let him down in letter writing and visiting.

I can’t express how blessed I felt just to hear his voice last night. I daresay I felt like Elizabeth, who am I that my Lord would call me for a favour?!?!

Thanks be to God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Father, bring him to complete healing and restoration through the same Christ our Lord, give skill, wisdom and compassion to his caregivers, and bless my reader as he seeks to be a sacrament of your love to him.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Another reader writes:

Could you and your readers pray for a little girl in the Wenatchee area of WA. She had her gallbladder out on Fri. to help with a disorder that, among other things, gives her periodic, extremely high fevers.

Father, grant that the surgery went well and that she have a speedy recovery, good health, and long life in Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for her.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Another reader writes:

Thank you and your readers for your prayers of before for my wife’s and my marriage. Unfortunately, things have continued to deteriorate. Please pray that God will grant her a change of heart and that she will be open to His will for her, and for us.

Father, hear our pray for the restoration of this marriage through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this family.

Another reader wrote yesterday:

Thanks for your and your reader’s prayers.  I had my first interview this morning.  It went really well so prayers for discernment about whether this position would be right for me and my family.  I have a second interview this afternoon (3PM Eastern time).  God has been so good to me and my family.  I am at peace about this job hunt, knowing that God has something better in store for me and my family than what I was doing previously.

Father, we ask that the second interview went well and that he gets the job, or something even better.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Another reader writes:

My friend has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His family is asking everyone they know to pray for a miraculous cure, if that is God’s will, through the intercession of Bl. John Paul II.

If you could ask your readers to pray, I would be very grateful.

Father, hear our prayer a miracle of healing through the intercession of Bl. John Paul II.  And if not, we ask for the grace of a happy death for your servant and for grace, peace, and strength to all who love him.  Mother Mary and Bl. John Paul II, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.  We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

A reader writes:

An old school acquaintance of mine has, unknown to me, been suffering from quite severe depression for some time. She posted a desperate sounding facebook status saying that she had broken up with her husband, and that her children were being taken away and that she was running away with her youngest. I would really appreciate your prayers and that of your readers for her safe return with her child and a peaceful and healthy resolution to this horrible situation.

Father, we ask that you would send your Spirit of peace, reconciliation, healing and hope into the hearts of everyone in this situation and bring about a resolution to the glory of your Name and their great good through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for this family.  We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

Another reader writes:

I have been on a 13 month search for diagnoses for my medical problems, and of course, a cure or treatment for these problems. After all this time I finally saw a world famous geneticist and a world class immunologist. Unfortunately my problems turn out to be rare and complicated. I have an extremely rare inherited connective tissue disorder which effects even many of my distant relations, and also CVID which is an inherited immunity disorder which explains my late mother’s lifetime of illness (she passed away 18 months ago). This immune disorder means I have very little immune response and I found out today that this rare condition often leads the patient to develop aggressive cancers. This appears to have happened to me. I ask you to ask your readership for prayers for me and my children and extended families as I notify them in the next few days about these conditions and their effects on us all. May my suffering be joined with that of Christ on the Cross and good come from this in accordance to His holy will.

Father, we ask that you would grant grace, strength, and healing to your daughter through Christ our Lord, and that all her suffering will be joined to your Son on his cross and issue, in your timing, in endless joy for her and for many others, known and unknown to her. Give skill, wisdom and compassion to her caregivers, provide effective treatments to her, and give her and all who love her grace and peace in this trial. Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Peregrine, pray for her and all with whom she has to do. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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