In College? Need a Quick Term Paper?

In College? Need a Quick Term Paper? October 18, 2012

The Postmodern Essay Generator will provide you with endless streams of meaningless verbiage!  You’ll be able to rattle off such pretentious and intimidating babble as:

“Truth is part of the paradigm of sexuality,” says Foucault; however,  according to Hubbard[1] , it is not so much truth that is  part of the paradigm of sexuality, but rather the defining characteristic of  truth. In a sense, Bataille promotes the use of postcultural structuralist  theory to deconstruct the status quo.


If one examines Debordist situation, one is faced with a choice: either  accept cultural neodialectic theory or conclude that narrativity is used to  reinforce hierarchy, but only if Debord’s analysis of Debordist situation is  invalid. The primary theme of la Fournier’s[1] model of  cultural neodialectic theory is the common ground between sexual identity and  culture. In a sense, the subject is interpolated into a capitalist socialism  that includes sexuality as a paradox.


The main theme of the works of Tarantino is not theory, as Derrida would  have it, but posttheory. It could be said that in Jackie Brown,  Tarantino analyses the dialectic paradigm of discourse; in Four Rooms,  although, he examines the cultural paradigm of expression. The primary theme of  Drucker’s[18] critique of Sontagist camp is the failure,  and some would say the meaninglessness, of capitalist class.

You’ll be able to generate reams of pretentious twaddle at the push of a button and have plenty of time to get to the kegger the Delta House.  And if your prof finds out, you can just tell him you are subverting the dominant post-colonial paradigm of teacher/student power relationships and calling into question the cultural neodialectic structure of narrativity between so-called “original” and “plagiarized” work.   Play your cards right and you can sail through grad school and even get a tenured position with cushy seminars featuring those little drinks with umbrellas.  Let the Postmodern Generator handle your thesis, your dissertation, and all your future keynote addresses to soirees of like-minded academics.  With the Pomo Generator, you will be able to create hundreds of pages of closely reasoned prose arguing that language has no meaning–and still have plenty of time to break for lunch and haggle with the waitress about the bill!

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