It’s International Blasphemy Day

It’s International Blasphemy Day October 1, 2012

And Leah Libresco is still a little confused about how someone can freely and consciously choose to *profane* something if they don’t presuppose it’s holy.

Answer: They can’t. As Chesterton observed, nobody blasphemes Thor. Blasphemy always tells you about what a culture holds sacred. And the people who are celebrating Blasphemy Day have their own sacred words, acts, and things. All humans do. No human can avoid it. Nor should they try. Instead, they should educate themselves on why sacred things are sacred and what is the proper order of the things we hold sacred. Simply trying to delete the idea of the sacred from human culture is insane and always and only leads to a culture becoming small, cramped, cold, dark and inhuman as it “pushes the envelope” for more and more “transgressive” thrills that harm the weak and the vulnerable as the prideful assert their power against God’s love.

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  • Pat

    And the antidote for blasphemy is… Devotion to The Holy Face. Bl. Pope John Paul II, in Novo Ineunte, placed the new millenium under the radiant sign of The Face of Christ. Religion is the Face of the Mystical Body of Christ, reviled, derided, spat on, covered with mud, blasphemed. St. Veronica is the model of reparation to The Holy Face. “The Golden Arrow” is a wonderful prayer of reparation for blasphemy… A weapon for the battle!

  • Michael F.

    Great stuff. What a joy and gift to have Leah “in the family”.

  • If they really want to be blasphemous, they should write tongue-in-cheek defenses of NAMBLA, or construct a utopian (not distopian) world that runs according to a special caste system, enforced by the FBI, in which anyone who’s ever participated in gay s*x is automatically an untouchable and disqualified for any job nicer than garbageman, while only blonde Aryans with 150 IQs qualify for the top caste, which includes all corporate CEO’s and governmental representatives.

    Then, when people call them on the carpet for being disgusting and awful, they can say, “Just kidding! It’s International Blasphemy Day!” At which point, every single normal human being in the world will point out how not funny or helpful crap like that is.

    • Ted Seeber

      I personally think that the Freedom From Religion foundation commits blasphemy every time they file a lawsuit against some minor functionary who just wanted to insert some of his own religion into his own behavior.

    • Actually, that’s…brilliant. Indeed, it would certainly betray a better understanding of what would be truly blasphemous in our day and age…

  • Sam Schmitt

    How about “International Stupidity Day,” “International Time Wasting Day,” “International Pretend You Care About Something Day.” Go ahead – do something that means nothing, makes no difference and that nobody cares about. See – I can think of something as meaningless and asinine as an atheist.

    • Realist

      For being something nobody cares about, a lot of Catholic nations wasted a lot of ink and time on anti-blasphemy laws for countless centuries (and killed a lot of people over it, too).

      Historically, your church cared about blasphemy. A LOT. And would imprison and kill people over it.

      • Mark Shea

        Another brave soul standing up against people who died 500 years ago. How realistic can you get?

        • Realist

          I guess according to Mark Shea we shouldn’t care about the African slave trade (started by the staunchly Catholic nation of Portugal, btw) because that was soooooo long ago, right?

          • Mark Shea

            The subject was blasphemy, not “What irrelevent mud can Realist hurl today?” You’re done here. Bye!

            • Ted Seeber

              Oh, darn, I was waiting for him to ask me the percentage of people killed under the Spanish Inquisition for Blasphemy. Or maybe coming up with those Church of England blasphemy trials to attempt to get rid of Catholics? Or St Joan of Arc, whose apparent blasphemy was wearing a suit of armor into battle?

              • James H, London

                Teddy, baby!
                So, the number of Spanish people *actually* killed (going by historical records, not some fag-atheist site) was around 3,000 – over the course of 300 years. Compare that with the 3,000 _CLERGY_ killed by the communist Republicans in the 1930s (less than 10 years). But of course, they had it coming.

                Just think, a shiny atheist utopia wouldn’t kill you for blasphemy – they’ll kill you and everyone you know: for no reason at all!

                • Ted Seeber

                  There is such a thing as blasphemy against the State when you make the State Your God.

          • JonathanR.

            Yeah, the African slave trade *only* started with Portugal. Jeez, what an historical illiterate.

            • Will

              And Moslems NEVER dealt in slaves.

          • JoFro

            The African Slave trade was already 700yrs old by the time the Portuguese decided they wanted to be a part of that profitable entriprse as well. Heard of the Arabs and the Islamic Slave trade, genius?

      • Ted Seeber

        Under Canon Law, there’s really only one blasphemy law- Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. It took until pretty recently to understand that one.

  • Realist

    You can’t blaspheme if you don’t believe? Boy, that’s not what Roman Catholics believed for 98% of their history. I think blaspheming in medieval Europe got you in a heap of trouble, whether you believed in it or not.

    • Mark Shea

      You should try reading before jerking the knee.

      • James H, London

        … or other part of anatomy!


    • Ted Seeber

      Of course, atheists also have blasphemy laws- the current New Atheist interpretation of the First Amendment, that everybody should be free from religious expression that might offend them, is a blasphemy law.

    • Ted Seeber

      After doing some research- I found that punishment of blasphemy by death under Catholic governments is pretty much limited to ONE country (Spain) whose SECULAR rulers convened an Inquisition that lasted for 400 years (1480-1834) that killed less than 5000 people for ALL crimes against the state (or about 15 people per year, a little more than one a month on average). The majority of those were composeros (reverts to Judaism) killed in the first 20 years, it was only after that the Inquisition concerned itself with blasphemy.

      So your math is a bit off. It is more like 26%, not 98% as claimed. It was limited to Spain (NO other Catholic Culture seemed to use blasphemy as a primary reason for the death penalty). And it was such a low number that more murderers died of the death penalty under the Spanish Crown than blasphemers did- it was NEVER an automatic death sentence.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Aw, there you go trying to inject facts into that was Realistically supposed to be an emote-fest.

        Don’t worry. Realist doesn’t come back to read other posts or “discuss” anyway.

      • JoFro

        Nooooooo…..the facts..the facts…the actual facts….they BURN!!!!

    • Ted Seeber

      And 3rd from my research- you had to have been baptized to come under the Jurisdiction of the Spanish Inquisition. Non-Catholics were not tried- even among the Jews who were the main victims of that Inquisition, it was only the ones who had converted, then converted back, who were executed. Inquisitions may be scary, but they keep damn good records.

  • Tim Jones

    I don’t believe trolls exist.

  • The Next to Last Samurai

    Happy $$”);@@!& Blasphemy Day, you )&$( 9$$($;&&! s .

  • johnmc

    Thor is a pigsnot. Thor is a doodybrain. His son Magni is stronger than he is. There are unconfirmed reports from Loki that his wife Sif sleeps with dwarves. Thor’s hammer has a ridiculously shortened handle AND he c0uld not stop the giants getting hold of it, but had to go in disguise to get it back. Wearing a dress. Also in his last visit to Giantland he totally failed to kick Skrymir’s ass, lost a wrestling match with an old granny called Elli AND lost a drinking contest too. Fa fa fa.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I absolutely understood Mark’s and Chesterton’s point that no one blasphemes Thor, but this post just brings the whole thing to life. I love it. It really points out that blasphemy, as far as “International Blasphemy Day” is concerned, has nothing to do with God and everything to do with offending people. That’s why people only blaspheme Jesus.

      In other words, it should be renamed “Let’s All Act Like Jerks Day.”

      Or Tuesday. Whichever.

  • Will

    The Blasphemy Drill’s getting slacker and slackerf
    Free Thought is becoming alarmingly free,
    And I’ll be the only organized atheist
    Between the Bug and the big Black Sea.

  • Amanda Roase

    It has nothing to do with being offensive and everything to do with free speech. It is about how conservative religous groups on all sides are pushing through blasphemy laws that inhibit criticism against them. This is not the world many of us want, we find that offensive, so we had a Blasphemy day. A day we could enjoy the fact we have the right to critasize religions on all sides of the fence. I have the right to say I believe Jesus was just a man and Muhumad is a pedophile, others have the right to refute me, but you can not take my right to free speech away and not have me being offended.