Lefty Tribalists Kick People Back in Line

Lefty Tribalists Kick People Back in Line October 26, 2012

It’s funny.  While I’m being informed that I think making a profit is evil, and “smack of” French Revolutionary radicalism for quoting Scripture, Chesterton and the Catechism, some poor schmuck over at the Daily Beast is getting his head handed to him for daring to stick it outside the hermetically sealed bubble of epistemic closure that is the doctrinaire Left and (gasp!) endorsing Romney.

I don’t buy his endorsement, of course, since I think Romney is, how to put it?, a serial liar whose sole core conviction is the will to power, who will certainly betray prolifers and religious liberty advocates.  But I find it fascinating that the reflexive tribal responses in the comboxes have so little to do with the possibility that the author of the piece might be acting out of a conscientious conviction that he should vote his conscience and how much they have to do with calling him a traitor to the tribe.  It’s not simply those on the Right who are bound and determined to maintain the present dysfunctional and broken system.  The Left are just as eager to do it.  We are one nation after all!

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