Lefty Tribalists Kick People Back in Line

Lefty Tribalists Kick People Back in Line October 26, 2012

It’s funny.  While I’m being informed that I think making a profit is evil, and “smack of” French Revolutionary radicalism for quoting Scripture, Chesterton and the Catechism, some poor schmuck over at the Daily Beast is getting his head handed to him for daring to stick it outside the hermetically sealed bubble of epistemic closure that is the doctrinaire Left and (gasp!) endorsing Romney.

I don’t buy his endorsement, of course, since I think Romney is, how to put it?, a serial liar whose sole core conviction is the will to power, who will certainly betray prolifers and religious liberty advocates.  But I find it fascinating that the reflexive tribal responses in the comboxes have so little to do with the possibility that the author of the piece might be acting out of a conscientious conviction that he should vote his conscience and how much they have to do with calling him a traitor to the tribe.  It’s not simply those on the Right who are bound and determined to maintain the present dysfunctional and broken system.  The Left are just as eager to do it.  We are one nation after all!

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  • Scott W.

    I’m more disturbed by the truths Romney tells than the lies. For example: http://youtu.be/jXQL9WLKXMo

  • Consistency

    Do better Mark. I never said you think making a profit is evil. I never disagreed with the fact that it is difficult for the wealthy to maintain their priorities.

    I took issue with your Chesterton quote asserting that the wealthy enjoy their success because of dishonesty. I also suggested that it might be bad form to ban someone who was not overly offensive and then linking to that individual’s blog.

    I appreciate the integrity and honesty in your work, but reflexive hyperbole only detracts from your efforts.


    • Ted Seeber

      Depends on the type of profit.

      Profit earned by one’s own work is always good.

      Profit earned by people you’ve hired, care about, and are paying a living wage to do the work, is also good.

      Profit earned by selling a good for a fair price, that takes into account just wages for you and your workers, is also good.

      It’s the profit earned by investing in businesses that you neither own nor care about the people working in, that begins to get murky.

      It’s the profit earned by lending money at interest rates that prevent the loan from ever being paid back that are even murkier.

      The profit earned by cheating the worker of his wages is downright evil.

      And beyond that, the profit earned by keeping your workers on welfare at the expense of all the other taxpayers in their society (which might or might not be the same government you’re voting for, sometimes it’s depending on an entirely different government who offers more welfare and allows you to lower wages even further), while charging a 2000% markup to your customers, and using government regulation to prevent any competition in the marketplace, [Blue Collar Comedy Tour voice on] You might be a standard Wall Street Capitalist.[/Blue Collar Comedy Tour voice off].

      The only real difference between a libertarian free marketer and a crony capitalist is the money to bribe politicians with.

      • The vast amount of investments in businesses that you neither own nor care about the people working in are retirement accounts of various stripes. You figure you can put aside 10% this year and get asked for your risk preference. You choose #3 in the menu of 4 and move on with your life. Insurance products fit your indictment even better. Beware the evil 401K? Sinful life insurance? Nonsense.

        As for high interest loans, I’ve taken them out. In fact, I just finished paying off a round right now, this month. Without them, my mother-in-law would not have had her triple bypass operation on time. Going into her first Dr. appointment in Cleveland the estimated bill was going to be $x. By the end of the day it morphed to $4x. Go try and get a US collateralized loan in the mid 5 figures in 2 weeks when your available free and clear assets are in E. Europe. So we took our hocked US fannies with our pretty credit ratings and twisted the credit card fairy, hard. You want to get rid of that kind of borrowed money? Congratulations, you’ve killed my mother-in-law. Not now, the first time I did this song and dance about 15 years ago. That time it was cancer and the dance was nastier. She was within days of having her airway too compromised by an aggressive lymphoma of the neck to operate anymore (though we didn’t figure that out until after the operation). We had three ambulance visits and she flat lined on us twice. Any financial delay would have been fatal. There was no time to convince bankers that we could make the payments and justify a lower rate. On this discussion point, let us both be glad that there’s an Internet between us. You’re coming after my family and I have all the usual impulses of a normal man when that happens.

        On a more pleasant note, we’re both against cheats, so we’ve got that, I guess. We’re also against corporatism together so more to the good. But then you have to go and ruin it by asserting that libertarians are just crony capitalists without money. You don’t present any evidence of that at all and I suspect that you don’t have any. Since I’m pretty open about my free market beliefs, I feel you are engaging in calumny against me as a member of the small government/free market crowd.

        Shame on you.

        • ivan_the_mad

          “On this discussion point, let us both be glad that there’s an Internet between us. You’re coming after my family and I have all the usual impulses of a normal man when that happens.”

          No, shame on you, TMLutas. It’s a very small man indeed who threatens thus.

  • Geoff

    I agree with your point, but in a semi-non sequitor I must say the following:

    I think Romney is a consummate BS’er but I also think he will do whatever is politically expedient to gain or maintain power. If enough of us can show him the he MUST enact pro-life laws then he will understand that it IS politically expedient and will do so. He will not “certainly betray prolifers and religious liberty advocate” if we make sure he knows that doing so will get him fired.

    He is a politician that is rightly nicknamed “the weathervane” and if we can cause the wind to blow in a direction favorable to us and our causes then he will point that direction as well.

    Anyway, that’s one mans opinion.


    • Geoff, I agree with your argument to a degree and there is some historical precedent (see Harriet Myers/George Bush) but I don’t have a lot of faith in pro-life conservatives to actually hold his feet to the fire.

  • Blog Goliard

    11 more days and the deranging and enstupidating fog of the Presidential election will start to lift.

    C’mon, November 6th.

    • Mark Shea

      “Enstupidating” is an awesome word. Consider it enstolenified.

      • Blog Goliard

        No worries…I stole it myself. (Can’t remember from where, else I’d credit them.)

  • English Catholic

    the problem isn’t money itself, as someone once said (hint he’s famous for his experience on the road to Damascus) its love of money; I don’t envy Romeny his wealth, I don’t envy heffner’s his harem I don’t envy the President his power, I hope to be just a simple Parish Priest where you get damm little of money and power and no sex (unless of course you’re eastern rite). Why? beacause the salvation of souls is more importent than these and a Priest can do more for the salvation of souls in a day than most people can do in a lifetime.

    The problem isn’t wealth, its how you obtained it and how you use it, when England was Catholic the Church owned 1/3 of the land and used most of the wealth it generated to help the needy, to his credit Gov Romeny it seems is an invididual who take seriously the command of Christ to perform the corporal works of mercy (even if he isn’t a Christian), is he the ideal candidate NO, but out of the two of them I believe that he will (a) do the most good and (b) do the least damage.

    There is a quote from the movie “Dave” where the man impersonating the President asks VPOTUS how he got started, the VP who was a shoe salesman was convinced to run for city council by his wife, in Les Miserable the ex-con Val Jean had to be convinced to become Mayor.

    My advice to everyone is to do just that, there is a Catholic Blogger Phillp Campbel who was recently elected Mayor of the town he lives in, perhaps one day somebody with a brain will nag him to run for State Senate, For Governor etc etc, and don’t worry you’ll have the prayers of good Priests (as I hope to be) behind you.

  • On a comparison note, you might want to take a look at Colin Powell. He says he’s still a Republican. He’s also endorsing Obama over Romney. There’s a vast difference in treatment.