Resist the Tyrant!

Resist the Tyrant! October 22, 2012

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  • David R

    Constitutional Freedom? I’m on board.

    Can we reasonably expect Willard Romney to restore constitutional freedoms? Absolutely not. Why not? Dozens of reasons which include his apathy regarding the HHS Mandate and his support of the most recent NDAA.

    What about Gary Johnson? That’s hardly a question worth asking because it is so explicitly answered by his platform. YES. If there is one candidate that you can confidently believe will restore liberty in America, it is Gary Johnson.

  • Dr.Peter John Resweber

    Gary Johnson? Are you kidding me?

    Pro-“choice” on abortion.

    Pro gay marriage.

    Pro drug legalization.

    Pro prostitution legaliszation.

    Non-partisan documentation:

    You may be able to argue that Gary Johnson is intellectually consistent.

    But you can hardly make a Catholic case for supporting him.

    • David R

      Can I believe one iota of the filth that comes from Romney’s mouth? No. He has the moral spine of a jellyfish and the integrity of a hyena. I may as well vote for a Mystery Dum-Dum Pop since have an equal understanding of what’s inside.

      Is there a pro-life canidate? No.
      A candidate with a proper definition of marriage? No.
      Drug legalization is a policy issue that isn’t defined by Catholic morality, besides the fact that I can trust that Gary Johnson won’t treat an executive order like a shortcut to enacting legislation the Constitutional way, which means that only the drug policy that Congress passes will become law.
      Bringing up prostitution makes it seem like your grasping at straws. It’s a state’s issue right now–pretty obvious since Nevada has their own laws–and Johnson doesn’t care to take that away from the States. And, again, it’s not as if Congress is going to even consider a law requiring all states to legalize prostitution.

      You objections have been dismissed. As for making a “Catholic case” for him: the very fact that I may reasonably believe that he is intellectually consistent and cares for personal liberty and freedom, including religious freedom, while no other candidate does, is more than a strong case.

    • gbishop3982

      With all due respect Dr. Resweber, Gov. Johnson’s point of being “pro” everything is that it’s NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S business what goes on in our private lives, which includes what religion we wish to believe in or be a member of. You can spout all you want to about the evils of homosexuality or prostitution, but in the end, doesn’t being a Christian mean that each person will be judged in the end by THEIR god? Judging others is not our place in those type of moral issues, nor should it be the government’s job.

      • Mark Shea

        The deliberate murder of innocent human life is the proper province of the state and is not a “private matter”.

  • Resist the tyrant is fine, but how?

  • vickie

    Not only is he pro-gay marriage, he supports using Federal power to enforce “equality’. Also not all libertarian does not equal pro-peace either.

  • The Deuce

    Not completely on topic, but Gateway Pundit is reporting on a possible “Anti-Romney October surprise” attempt by Gloria Allred which actually serves to slightly reassure folks like me who are planning on voting for Romney despite serious doubts about his position on abortion:

  • Richard Johnson

    And then we have Donald Trump’s planned October Surprise for this Wednesday.

  • As much as I hate to, I’ve reluctantly decided to vote Romney. It’s how I’m resisting the Tyrant.

  • Ted Seeber

    I ended up voting for Will Christensen:

    Mainly because he was on the ballot under the wrong political party and because of that Virgil Goode wasn’t.