Spiritual Diabetes

Spiritual Diabetes October 10, 2012

It’s an interesting metaphor from an interesting blog:

Spoilt for choice, Americans consume spirituality in copious amounts but still lead sedentary religious lives. Consequently we do not burn the “calories”—intellectually, liturgically, or simply living the Christian life. This caloric deluge creates a diabetic condition wherein the spiritual diabetic suffers a great thirst for all things spiritual but never enjoys any lasting satisfaction.

Check thou him out!

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  • Thinkling

    Sounds like an interesting metaphor for what Ross Douthat was saying in his new book.

  • Thank you very much, Mark! Now if I can just uphold my end of the blogging bargain and deliver.

  • Will

    There you go, using “diabetic” as a condemnatory label! I will harass you until you affirm me in my glucosity, you cowardly fence-sitting transfatty!