The Good Deacon is right: This is indeed huge!

The Good Deacon is right: This is indeed huge! October 9, 2012

Arabic to become one of the languages used in papal audiences.

Sherry Weddell (who follows news from the missions front closely) tells me that one of the unnoted phenomena from the Islamosphere is a growing underground movement of what are called “Christ followers” in Islam: essentially Muslims who have had an experience of encounter with Jesus Christ as God, who are trying to follow him as disciples, and whom the Churches (both Protestant and Catholics) don’t quite have categories for. Some are baptized, some are not. Both they and the Christians who have befriended them are (for obvious reasons) hard to identify. But she says estimates are that a million of these hidden disciples are born again each year.

Something is happening in our time that is unprecedented in the entire history of Christian-Muslim engagement. Benedict gets this. We should too.

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