Still More From Sherry Weddell

Still More From Sherry Weddell October 10, 2012

…on Christian missionary activity in the Muslim world.

If you are inclined to grumble that this should be ignored because it is being done by Pentecostals and Evangelicals and not us good Catholics who have the fullness of truth, I urge you to think again. God will happily use anybody who seeks to obey him and is not choosy about their level of scholarship. If we are too self-involved in our liturgy wars, culture wars, political wars, and aesthetic wars when God invites us to the wedding feast, he will go out into the highways and byways and invite the poor, lame, blind and crippled.

As Mary has urged us to do…

…we Catholics should be taking the lead here. If we are neglecting that work and handing it over to eager Pentecostals and Evangelicals, it’s hardly their fault when they respond and we do not.

A million Muslim conversion a year. Think about that. Unprecedented in the history of Christian Islamic relations. That is the real “Arab Spring” and the only real hope for the Islamic world. We should be focusing on fostering that, not yet another war to further drive the Islamic world further from the gospel. I sometimes wonder if all the temptation to war-mongering among “conservative” western Christians is hell’s strategy for thwarting the progress of the gospel. The replacement of trust in God with trust in American projection of geopolitical power is of a piece with the secular messianism that dominates our national discourse.

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