The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife…

The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife… October 11, 2012

…is now a confirmed forgery. Replicates blunders from an online version of the gospel of Thomas it was ripped off from.

Will the media learn from this Latest Real Jesus incident not to instantly fall for the next Latest Real Jesus? Have fish, since the invention of fishing, ever learned not to bite a hook with bait on it?

It’s what they *do*.

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  • Matthew

    What a fake??? NO WAY!!!

  • If they won’t bite, switch to dynamite.

    Wait, this isn’t a fishin’ thread? Sorry 😉

  • Peter

    The goal of ‘journalism’ changed at some point from truth telling to attention grabbing. Alas, this is not restricted to journalism. Hence my essays on how the Church was right all along will never be published but government funding went to a PhD that said Jesus was a homosexual.

  • Ted Seeber

    The one that didn’t even exist before 1997? So much for it being 4th century!

  • Rosemarie


    Wow, what a shocker. Never saw that one coming (/sarc)

    So… exactly who forged it?

  • caroline

    and why did someone forge it? for money? to stir up trouble? What does the forger get out of this kind of forgery? Hard to understand.

  • Billy Bean

    Anything but the Truth. Next. . .?

  • Ismael

    Well, be careful Mark! I agree that the recent finding does not bode well for the autenticity of the paprirus of Jesus’ Wife, but it is not a ‘confirmed’ forgery yet…

    So let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It is quite probably a forgery, but we must be careful when making some statements.

    • Ted Seeber

      It contains a visual artifact that is exactly the same as a PDF from 1997, that exists in NO other copy of the Gospel of Thomas. What else do you need, a signed confession? This isn’t only a forgery, this is plagiarism of a type that would get even a grade school student a suspension from school.

      What is speaks to me is an entire generation who is so incredibly computer illiterate, that they failed to check more than one source in creating their forgery.

  • And I hope that Christians would be quick to speak out that whether it was [now confirmed] fake or simply fourth century false teaching, that it is heresy. And while coptic and textual scholars did their job, where were the theologians?
    I don’t know how many comments I have seen where Christians said that it did not matter if Jesus was married, the latest being Tony Compolo.

  • victor

    Me and Senator Vreenak knew it all along.