The Triumph of Feminism

The Triumph of Feminism October 16, 2012

Congratulations, Hillary 08 Supporters! Your gal officially has more testosterone than her boss and is willing to fall on her sword so that Obama can have somebody to blame.

Remind me again, Hillary supporter, what you see in this guy that is so important that you need to vote for him again?

Oh. Right! He cares about women. Gotcha!


It’s not too late to vote for some third party candidate who does *not* secretly order the deaths of women and children, stand for indefinite detainment, and treat actual women like crap while caring about theoretical women who don’t exist. Why are you supporting this fraud? Why cast another vote that will just fill you with burning shame? Go ahead and vote your conscience, Hillary 08 supporter, instead of your party. They work for you, not you for them.

If I can do it, so can you.

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  • David J. White

    Of course, it’s easy for her to be the fall guy, er, gal, because she has already announced that she won’t be sticking around if Obama gets a second term, and despite the fervent wishes of some, it’s very unlikely that she has any plans to run for higher, or any, office.

    But yes, by doing this she has shown a level of guts that few in this administration have. Excepf for one thing: time was, people who took responsibility resigned. Right then. But I guess that’s not the way we do things anymore. We seem to think that “taking responsibility” means just saying that you “take responsibility. It doesn’t require you to, you know, actually do anything.

    • S. Murphy

      I believe that was Reagan’s response to the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut, as well.

      • victor

        Imagine that. A President taking responsibility for something that happened on his watch. As an elected official, Reagan had to face the voters a year later. Clinton? Not so much.

        • S. Murphy

          That’s true. And Reagan may also have said it by way of explaining that he wasn’t firing somebody lower down the food chain.

          • David J. White

            But again, Reagan *said* that he was taking responsibility. What did he actually *do*? Words are cheap.

            • S. Murphy

              Words are what politicians do… Victor has a point, that he he put it out there for the electorate to blame him for – not that there wasn’t a lot more water under the bridge a year later, at election-time. I’m not sure a president should resign because every time a terrorist group makes a successful attack. We should scrub the lessons learned, refine out tactics, techniques and procedures, and anlayze the policy decisions that may have led to the attack in the first place (naval gunfire that the MEU commander who wasn’t scapegoated, perhaps thanks to Reagan’s refusal to do so, had opposed in the first place*); but I don’t think Reagan should have resigned over it. A parliamentary system, where the head of gov’t/chief exec is the majority party leader, has more flexibility that way; I think frequent presidential resignations would stress our system.
              Then, too, saying the buck stops here, Reagan maybe allowed the focus to be on lessons learned (at least at the tactical level; probably not at the policy level). It’s something, albeit not enough.
              Cabinet members – maybe a different story. If DOS got a request from Amb Stevens for more security, and blew it off, then yes, maybe Mrs Clinton should have resigned, or maybe an assistant Sec of state who was directly resonsible. I don’t know.


      • Bravo Sierra.

        I was only 7 at the time. I assume you were teenagers and adults. I say you are mistaken. I can find no evidence of what you claim. Please provide such.

        Thank you.

        • S. Murphy

          I was 14, and for this comment, I was going off a vague memory of Reagan making a big deal about saying the buck stopped with him…
          Seems to have been in a press conference – at least, this guy quotes something that apparently supports my vague memory:

        • Ted Seeber

          I was a teenager at the time, but I have noticed that events from that time period (vaguely 1969-1995) on the web are incomplete and largely biased.

          Gee, I thought you were older than that.

      • My comment with links to Reagan’s three statements on Beirut sits in moderation, so go find your own documentation. Sans links, my comments is as follows…

        Bravo Sierra.

        I was only 7 at the time. I assume you were teenagers and adults. I say you are mistaken. I can find no evidence of what you claim. Please provide such.

        Thank you.

    • Will

      And the way Clinton and Reno “took responsibility” for the Waco massacre, and went on denying that they had done anything wrong.

  • victor

    And she didn’t so much fall on her sword as look at it sideways in an off-camera interview 3,500 miles from Washington for a few minutes and then move on. There will never be any consequences, personal or professional, for her “taking responsibility”.

  • Michaelus

    Right Mr. White – does it really count if you say “I take responsibility” and then just do nothing at all? Is that really taking the fall?

    “I regret that what began as a friendship came to include this conduct. And I take full responsibility for my conduct” – Bill Clinton lying to the Independent Counsel Aug. 17, 1998 – and then not taking responsibility for anything.

  • Ted Seeber

    There may or may not be any consequences (though a pending civil lawsuit from the Ambassador’s family may say different). But there is most certainly a service done, especially right before the debate like that- it gives her boss plausible deniability.