NY Times Gins Up the Faithful

NY Times Gins Up the Faithful October 16, 2012

Eeeeek!  The mouth-breathing religious wahoos are just about to establish a Handmaid’s Tale theocracy on our shores!  It’ll be like Iran with Hee Haw reruns and Precious Moments statuary and Thomas Kincaid prints and contemporary Christian Music.  If you want a vision of the future, imagine Benedict XVI’s tasteful red shoes stamping on a human face – forever.

That’s more or less the tenor of the NY Times today as it gets the secular faithful Pumped Up to cheer Obama on to a comeback in the debate.  Is it even remotely in touch with reality?  Does the US stand on the brink of criminalizing abortion?  About as much as  it stands on the brink of atheist komminiss Obama establishing Sharia as the law of the land.

Moral: It is not the function of cheerleaders, whether in football or politics, to hold reasoned discourse about reality.  It is their function to gin up panic about The Enemy and adulation for the Home Team as our Savior from the approaching horde of Visigoths who are Them.  The NY Times abandons all pretense of interest in reality in order to cheerlead.  By the measure of a news organization, its performance is embarrassing.  By the measure of a cheerleader it does its appointed task quite well–just so long as you don’t think and just respond viscerally to the words, “SCARY RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!  OOGA BOOGA!  BE AFRAID!!”

By the way, I suspect Obama will benefit from the Gomer Pyle Axiom of High and Low Expectations tonight.  The GPAOHALE states that when you expect nothing (as you might when Gomer Pyle sings) then when he bursts forth in a voice of moderate tone and talent he is greeted as a new Caruso, but if Romney is anything less than superlative after his crushing win last time, it will be described as failure.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile the NY Times is not taking any chances and whipping up hysteria about Roe, just in case.

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