Some Elementary Catholic Moral Reasoning

Some Elementary Catholic Moral Reasoning January 10, 2020

Two days ago in this space we made clear, yet again, that anybody who thinks the Cult of Trump is the “prolife party” is a delusional fool.

There are two parties.  One is the party that is 100% responsible for appointing the SCOTUS judges who gave us Roe and Casey and has refused, for 40 years to overturn them or defund Planned Parenthood. Indeed, Trump and his party actually increased funding for PP by 8% in 2018-2019.

The other party is the Democrats.

Not that the GOP has done nothing about abortion.  They have given out participation trophies to prolifers in the form of minor policies that keep them on the plantation.  But mostly, they have studiously taught them to cheer for a host of evils while brandishing the unborn as human shields for those evils.  And above all, they have consistently advocated policies which tend to drive the demand for abortion up, not down.

In short, there is no prolife party.  Stop lying to yourself that there is.  There are two parties that support the right to an abortion.  One of them supports a host of evils and anti-human policies in addition to abortion. The other party is the Democrats.

Now, we cannot support lesser evils. So you cannot support an unjust war on the moronic theory that “bad guys die in wars but only innocents die in abortion.” But it is permissible in Catholic moral teaching to work to lessen evil. When both parties support abortion, as is the case in the US, you can vote to try to stop the party that supports Abortion+Unjust War+Kidnapping of Children+Denial of Health Care+Science Idiocy etc.

That would be the GOP, in case you are unclear. It supports not only unjust war, but is 100% responsible for the establishment and entrenchment of our abortion regime with Roe and Casey. I will not only vote Dem in November with a clear conscience, but with a sense of obligation before Almighty God to do so. The Dems are the only party capable of stopping the gravest domestic threat we have faced in my lifetime. And now the Cult of Trump have formally joined the ranks of grave international threats as well.

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