How the Idiot’s War Really Went

How the Idiot’s War Really Went January 9, 2020

Today’s narrative from the Cult boils down to “Victory! Success! Genius! Suck it, liberal snowflakes! He totally got away with it and that’s all that matters!”

Here’s what actually happened: Trump threw a molotov cocktail through the Iranians’ window, but they had fire extinguishers, came out on the front lawn and threw some rocks at Trump to chase him off and then went back in the house instead of hiring goons to go around town systematically blowing up Trump’s properties. Meanwhile, Trump ran home to his mansion bragging that he didn’t get caught and telling his toadies to spread the word that, yet again, he had escaped consequences for his actions because he is awesome and totally planned for this to happen. His toadies, as ever, learned the lesson that someday they can live consequence-free lives if they just get rich enough and sear their consciences enough.

This could have been sooo much worse. The Cult Leader will, of course, lie to the Cult that he is victorious (in a wholly unnecessary war that he did his best to start). But the reality is that Iran de-escalated and so did the Pentagon by telling the President to his face that they would not commit the war crimes he was promising to order. He surprised the Pentagon by doing the most extreme thing he could to start a war that met not one single criterion of Just War. They responded by quickly realizing he was an even bigger idiot than they realized and telling him what they would not do–because they actually took Just War doctrine into account.  His Christian MAGA Cultists showed not the slightest interest in Just War and cheered for more blood especially on FOX. But despite the Cult’s darkest desires, between Iran’s de-escalation (a strike calculated not to kill anybody and immediate cessation of hostilities thereafter) and the Pentagon’s refusal to carry out Trump’s criminal threats, the situation was defused.

By the way, a word about those missile strikes, because what didn’t happen is as important as what did. Iran is boasting to its own people that they killed 80 Americans. Trump, in an extremely rare moment of honesty repeats the more accurate reports that there were no casualties.

Why does this matter? Because Iran is doing typical face-saving for its own honor culture by boasting of a victory while also sending a message to the US and Israel by it’s actual deeds. Their missiles didn’t “miss”. They were not SCUDs randomly and wildly fired as Saddam did at Tel Aviv. They were aimed to avoid casualties. Aimed.

The message to the US? We could have escalated but we chose not to. The message to Israel? We could have struck at you–accurately–but we did not. Israel will take note. So will the Pentagon. And God willing, our next President will re-negotiate a de-nuclearization deal with Iran. Because we now know their nuclear warheads will not miss either.

God has been very gracious to us today. All praise to his holy Name and no credit at all to the incompetent blunderer Donald J. Trump[ who nearly started a criminally stupid war.

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