We live in strange times

We live in strange times October 8, 2012

Times when middle class and poor people who are being systematically looted and stripped of their rights by the immensely powerful spend tender tears of pity for the people who are enslaving them, lest somebody on FOX accuse them of “class warfare”.

Meanwhile, the immensely powerful continue to consolidate their grip on every aspect of our lives. Case in point: Monsanto. A reader who is an attorney writes:

Monsanto sues farmer claiming that Monsanto owns his seeds — forever and ever, world without end. Amen. Federal judiciary agrees. Look for the Supreme Court to agree too.

Fortunately, our judiciary is vigilant in prosecuting the *real* criminals, such as Korean War vets who have some junk on their own property for resale in order to pay for meds for their ailing wives. Such criminals should be locked up–and will be! Said the judge in the case, articulating the will of the fascist overclass in dealing with spent and useless Takers: “I don’t want to send anybody to jail, but I do like people to follow orders,” [Judge] Howell said.”

Yes. Rules are for keeping the Rest of Us in line, not for the people who make them.

My reader continues:

In the Monsanto case, the Court is being asked to decree that “self-replicating” products like seed corn can be owned by corporate providers for generations unto the end of time. In the Clover case a man was jailed for running a business from his own property. Now, in this case, the Court is being asked to decree that any product made under the New World Order of global outsourcing can be owned by corporate providers unto the end of time. (Eventually, the Court will be asked to decree that our children can be pledged as collateral for government/corporate debt, like student and FMHA loans). Look for the Court to affirm corporate rights in the Monsanto and Kitsaeng cases. Because in America, capitalism means freedom to be owned.

The destruction of slavery begins in the soul, with the resolute refusal to be a slave to anyone or anything but the God who makes you free. Christian: do not be a slave. It was for freedom that Christ has made us free. Do be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

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