Hey Bay Area!

Hey Bay Area! October 8, 2012

The Bay Area Chesterton Society writes:

We’ve chosen a new book to read for this year at our Bay Area Chesterton Society meetings. It’s called “Father Brown of the Church of Rome” from Ignatius Press and it’s available from both the American Chesterton Society and Amazon. Our first story will be The Chief Mourner of Marne. To give us more time to get the book by mail, we’ll be having our October meeting on the second Wednesday October 10th at 7-9 PM at the Country Gourmet restaurant in Sunnyvale, CA. We really like the quiet atmosphere there :).

October: The Chief Mourner of Marne
November: The Red Moon of Meru
December: The Miracle of Moon Crescent
January: The Resurrection of Father Brown
February: The Man with Two Beards
March: The Curse of the Golden Cross
April: The Secret Garden
May: The Flying Stars
June: The Honour of Israel Gow
July: The Insoluble Problem

Be there! Aloha!

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  • Margaret

    Great reading, great food, and hopefully great conversation. Please come if you can! Bring a friend!

    And thanks, Mark!