A Twofer!

A Twofer! November 20, 2012

Believer in sociobiology and morality as by-product of evolution blathers something about morality, opens himself to a delightful tag team takedown by Leah Libresco *and* Mike Flynn.  All appeals to evolution as the basis of morality depend on the unspoken moral premise that existence is good and preferable to extinction.  Saying we “should” obey our genetic programming when it comes to conscience seems to me to be as sensible as saying we “should” never dye our hair or trim our nails.  If it’s just chromosomes talking, why should I care what they think? On the other hand, if it’s God speaking through creation, I’m prepared to say that Infinite Wisdom has more on the ball than dumb luck and the random shuffle of molecules.

Update: Sorry I wasn’t clear.  I didn’t mean Leah and Mike showed up in his comboxes to take him down.  I just meant he was ripe for a takedown by them, since they have both written and thought rather extensively about the stuff this guy was chattering about.

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