Today’s moment of spambot zen

Today’s moment of spambot zen November 20, 2012

In addition to the thousands of spambots who turn up to shower praise on my brilliant layout, ask why their comment got eaten, tell me what a brilliant writer I am and write curious things in curious English, I sometimes get stuff like this:

Our life is really strange issue and sometime people should choose one only stuff at the same time, then you don’t have enough time to work on something else. In fact, different people should choose between job and dance essays paper making.rope access In such case, we suggest to look for the master’s custom essay papers writing service to buy the free essays in.

How true that is. Our life *is* really strange issue. Choose one only stuff at the same time. For my part, I choose rope access and will buy the free essays iimmediately. I think I will also market some T-shirts with “Rope Access: Choose One Only Stuff at the Same Time” emblazoned on them. If I can get Victor Lams to write me a theme song or jingle, I think I can pay off my kids’ school loans.

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