Feel Safer Or You May Be An Enemy of the State

Feel Safer Or You May Be An Enemy of the State November 20, 2012

Senate Bill rewrite lets Feds read your email without a warrant

I wonder if they will send the cops to tase you into cardiac arrest if you find a hack around that.

What I find darkly amusing about the latter story is that, after a cursory mention of an innocent woman brutally tased to her near death, the bulk of the article is essentially a promo piece  for the manufacturers of Tasers, assuring us that tasers are really safe and wonderful.  Particularly hilarious to my twisted sense of humor is this:

“It’s important to remember that more than 98,000 people have been saved from potential death or serious injury using TASER devices – an astounding number that would more than sell out the Rose Bowl.”

I am greatly consoled that 98,000 people have been tased by trigger happy cops like the guys who unnecessarily induced cardiac arrest in a woman who, it turns out, was perfectly justified in fearing them.

I fear Caesar far more than I fear some guys in a cave in Afghanistan.  In this, I make common cause with the Founders of the United States, who feared the state *far* more than they feared criminals, the British, the French, the Indians or any foreign power without.

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