Frank Schaeffer’s Rage and Spite…

Frank Schaeffer’s Rage and Spite… November 30, 2012

…at Daddy, Conservatives, Evangelicals and Catholics finally finds fruition in this incoherent “Go to hell” to the entire prolife movement.  He is, of course, right that the GOP has largely exploited prolifers and has never been serious about abortion.  But the BS arguments he and his guest contibutor pull out of the worst sort of sola scriptura rationales for abortion on the Emergent Church Left are frankly embarrassing.  I mean, come on, “A fetus is not a life that can be taken.   A life that can be taken is a life that is aware it can be took”?  Great.  I’ll be over to this man’s house tonight to put a bullet in his head while he sleeps.  It’s not murder since he won’t be aware of a thing.

Is Schaeffer even a member of the Orthodox communion anymore?  What does his bishop make of him?  The man seems consumed with rage (and arrogance–Why I Still Talk to Jesus, In Spite of Everything–how gracious of him).  The madness of Christian alliance with the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism at the expense of the teaching of Holy Church is very much to be opposed.  I try to do it here every day.  But nothing is helped by embracing the opposite insanity of opposing anything in Church teaching that happens to be approved by American conservatives.  Yes, it is true that opposition to abortion does not take away the sins of the world and excuse the many blind spots of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism to authentic Christian teaching (torture, just war, just wage, etc).  But that does not mean that the conservative Christians are “lying” to say abortion is, as the Church says, an “abominable crime“.  Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath.

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