Bishop Vasa on Planned Parenthood

Bishop Vasa on Planned Parenthood July 29, 2015

I love this guy!

Bishop Vasa: Planned Parenthood Videos Heinous

SANTA ROSA— Bishop Robert F. Vasa made the following statement after seeing the most recently released video which strongly suggests how Planned Parenthood profits from the sale of fetal body parts.

In the footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress, a phlebotomist says, “For whatever we could procure, [Planned Parenthood] would get a certain percentage. The main nurse was always trying to make sure we got our specimens. No one else really cared, but the main nurse did because she knew that Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.”

Said Bishop Vasa, “Each week for three weeks now, we have been exposed to one heinous video after another, each one more shocking than the last. This nurse’s biggest concern in aborting these tiny babies was getting quality body parts because ‘Planned Parenthood was getting compensated.’

“While the very thought that we as taxpayers are complicit with Planned Parenthood in the provision of abortion at all is very disturbing to me, these recordings show an even more grizzly side to the abortion industry.

“It is unconscionable that this land of the free and home of the brave not only tolerates but actively supports such perversity. Congress needs to thoroughly investigate these accusations immediately.

“No public funds should be provided to organizations promoting abortions especially if involved in the marketing of human body parts. An organization committed to such gruesome evil should not get a dime from taxpayers.”

The Diocese of Santa Rosa consists of six northern California counties: Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Mendocino, Humboldt, and Del Norte, which borders Oregon. Bishop Robert F. Vasa has served as ordinary for the diocese since 2011.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    The mind simply recoils from this trafficking, this unholy partnership of Mammon and Moloch. May our shepherds, and we their flocks, remain staunch in the face of this inhuman moneyed interest.

    • Joseph

      You know, the banning of the Confederate flag (no matter how justified), the banning of biker patches at business establishments, are precedent setting. Those are easy targets in which to implement censorship because hardly anyone will argue against it. When will the Cross become as repulsive as the Confederate flag? Give the government an inch and they’ll take a mile. Something like this will go a long way in aiding the government to get their wish of finally suppressing Christianity… after all, bishops are speaking unfavourably about PP here and asking for the government to defund one of the Orders of their Unholy Church. That’s pretty brazen, the government is no friend of the Catholic Church and they won’t take too kindly to this demand. Look for swift retaliation. PP is seething after this. They have the ability to butcher children for profit and sell their parts. They are horrifying, vindictive, and evil c*nts. They will come after the Church with all of their might once the dust settles… as priests and priestesses for the government delivering their unholy sacrament of child slaughter they will have the government 100% on their side and the worldly power belongs to them. Be prepared.

  • So mark, are you going back on what you said last week that this group shouldn’t have positioned Planned Parenthood as “selling” body parts?

    • chezami

      No. Not yet. I hope they can nail PP on this. But I’m not seeing the evidence.

      • IANAL, But I feel like it has been proven that they are selling them, just not necessarily “profiting” off the sale. Since when is that a part of the definition of selling?

        It would be one thing if they were just paying shipping. But the second PP receives money for procuring and processing, I’d really like to see a cogent argument that this is not selling.

        If you want some of the oranges I grow and you compensate me for the labor, time and transportation it takes me to get them to you, who except a PP defender would say I didn’t sell you the oranges?

        • Rebecca Fuentes

          Apparently, the law is as holey as Swiss cheese (on purpose), so while we scratch our heads about how this can be defined as “not selling”, what’s going on isn’t illegal (repulsive, vile, immoral, I run out of words for how awful, but not technically illegal).

          • Dean

            It all depends on how you define what is is.
            Remember, state established now means established federally and a fine is a tax

      • Joseph

        The old, wrinkled, wench named a price for parts and quipped how she hoped to earn a fancy sports car from a future lucrative business relationship with those who entrapped her. That’s exactly how prostitution stings are performed. At least that old whore was caught with her skirt pulled up. She’s going down (pun intended?) for sure. But, PP could always say that she was acting on her own and not on behalf of PP… which is probably what they’ll do. I disagree with the methods used, but I hope that the later videos they’ve promised to release will show a clear link between profit off of baby parts and Planned Parenthood rather than just individual sick, greedy, whores working on their own behalf.

        • Heather

          Just out of curiosity, if the rep had been male, would you still have referred to him as an “old, wrinkled […] whore”? There’s plenty of bad things you can say about what this person is doing. You don’t need to stoop to sexually degrading personal insults that imply that simply being a woman over 40 is an offense in and of itself.

          • Joseph

            Yes, I would have. Did you really need to ask that question? Seriously?

            • Joseph

              Though I probably should have referred to her as a dirty pimp (I think that would be more accurate). Since she’s pimping out body parts at no physical cost to herself.

            • Heather

              Yes, seriously. I’m in no way defending her actions. But I fail to see what her age or the presence or absence of wrinkles has to do with anything. Why is it that criticism of a woman so often comes packaged with disparagement of her age and looks and sexual innuendo of varying levels of graphicness? It’s not just men that do this, either. But it’s part of a culture that sees women as sex objects whose personal value is derived from how attractive they are to the onlooker. That’s the culture that feeds PP, and it doesn’t belong in a discussion among followers of Christ.

  • Pete MacDonald

    I love Bishop Vasa too and what he says here but where did you find this? I couldn’t google the source.

    • chezami

      I got it as an email.

      • Pete MacDonald

        ok that helps… can you post who originated the email?

        • chezami

          I can’t recall. It was a real source though.