“Convinced” is Coming

“Convinced” is Coming July 29, 2015

A summer or two back, a fellow named Don Johnson, a passionate Catholic evangelist, came to my house and interviewed me for a film he was doing on Catholic converts. We had a great time chatting and he then went his merry way on a grand tour of the rest of the country getting interviews with a huge raft of folks, all to be stitched together into a documentary chronicling the conversion stories of people from all walks of life who have swum, pole vaulted, floundered, boated, leapt, and flown over the Tiber and into the arms of Mother Church.

Don now writes to tell me it’s coming out and “We are going to offer it on various on-demand streaming sites (Hulu, Amazon On-demand, etc.) as well as DVD this summer and then start some theatrical screenings around the country this fall.”

Convinced from Don Johnson on Vimeo.

Tickled and honored to be part of this project! Check it out!

"Thank you, and a Blessed Easter."

"I loved this. Thank you, Mark."

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