Planned Parenthood Apologist: Selling Baby Parts Just Like Donating Blood

Planned Parenthood Apologist: Selling Baby Parts Just Like Donating Blood July 24, 2015

No.  Really.

I don’t remember them crushing my skull and abdomen last time I was at Puget Sound Blood Center but you can be damn sure I will check over the fine print on the procedures before I donate again.

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  • Kinda like the blood donation center at Auschwitz, I guess.

  • MichaelNewsham

    Thank you for the link and the very moving words of Dr. Davis

    We would bring this to the actual reality of what
    happens, which is always my favorite job to do as the doctor – which is
    that, certainly, it is the common experience of anyone whose an abortion
    provider and myself included that when a patient is in a situation that
    is very difficult, and this particularly will turn up in a case where
    there is a rare fetal condition and they’ve decided to end the pregnancy
    that in a gesture that is very generous and very altruistic, they will
    volunteer to donate fetal tissue to help people understand how the
    condition developed, if there’s any way it could have been prevented to
    really move science forward for that particularly situation. So it is a
    compassionate gesture, it is a very private moment where people
    volunteer to do this and certainly so my colleagues around the country
    and I are, you know, the recipients of that sort of – in that moment
    with people and it’s very genuine. So, there are certainly services
    where people can help women do that generous thing they would like to do
    at that moment

    And the comparison to blood donation is to point out that collecting, transporting, storing and distributing blood also costs money, for which those medical organisations using it for transfusions generallly pay.

    Of course most advanced countries rely on voluntary donations for blood; I understand in your country you take advantage of poor people by turning their body parts into commodities.

    • Hezekiah Garrett

      I’m not sure about moving, but it was an impressive use of circumlocution, as was your tu quoque.

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Not just the poor–we’ve managed to turn entire children into commodities, to be bought, sold, and eliminated at will, and as an extra bonus, we can legally harvest their body parts. Letting a doctor artificially dilate my cervix, manipulate my baby to the ideal position, crush its extremities and head and pull it out, then removing whatever choice bits can be sold is JUST like me volunteering to go in, let them poke my arm with a big needle, removing a pint of blood, then feeding me cookies afterward–except in the second instance, no one dies. If the solution to a problem includes “kill someone”, especially, “kill a child”, it’s the wrong solution.

    • Guest

      I’ve probably donated more than three gallons to six distinct US organizations and have never been offered anything worth more than a t-shirt. Not sure what country you’re talking about.

    • The buying and selling of organs was banned officially in 1984 in the US. That legislation was passed because the practice was previously only banned by custom and the custom was starting to come apart.

      Since this trade for profit is illegal, it’s a bit much to expect that PP honestly does its books and condemn itself to dissolution and its leadership to prison. Mary Gatter’s “I want a lamborghini” pretty much ends the fiction that this is just a recompense for costs.

      I’ll concede that Gatter might have just been joking but that’s something that a team of forensic accountants really should be determining.

  • orual’s kindred

    If people who support these things base their rationalizations on “it’s a clump of cells” and the “quality of life” of the mother and the “foreign organism that might theoretically become human if someone so desires it to be”, then these “donations” should in fact be less controversial than giving blood. If that in fact were the case, I would think such an amount of words and effort should not be necessary to state that case.

  • The PP apologists should subject herself to the “donation” process before she volenteers voiceless babies to donate.

  • Artevelde

    Oh it’s an act of generosity. That changes everything of course.