Here is a massive graphic full of a few truths, and a lot of lies and half-truths

Here is a massive graphic full of a few truths, and a lot of lies and half-truths July 24, 2015


You can, if you are glutton for punishment, click on it and go spend several weeks teasing apart reality from lies and agitprop, but it’s a mug’s game.

It is the first salvo of return fire from Murder Inc. as it pulls out the stops to fight back against the sick-making videos that the Center for Medical Progress is releasing. But the only thing that really matters to the people making it is this: CMP lied to obtain the footage it got. By their own confession, they lied. That’s really all Murder Inc. needs to keep pointing to. Beyond that, as sick-making as the videos have been, the point of them, as CMP itself points out, is to make the claim that Murder Inc. is committing a felony (since, incredibly, the sick-making stuff about crunching and gutting babies is all perfectly legal and a sacred civil right in America).

But as Abby Johnson, no friend to Murder Inc., points out, we are far from establishing that:

Based on her experience, Ms. Johnson says she saw nothing in the video to indicate that Planned Parenthood is breaking the law. At the same time, she said the video exposes a loophole that gives clinics and processing companies enormous latitude in setting reimbursement charges for fetal hearts, lungs and other organs.

“The law currently states that there can be moneys exchanged as long as they fit under certain categories like preservation, collection, storage, transport, etc.,” Ms. Johnson said. “And the law says there is not a maximum amount that can be charged or a minimum amount but that costs cannot be prohibitive. And that’s very subjective.”

(Corrected paragraph:)Ms. Johnson does not support the use of fetal-tissue for research.

“They [clinics] could say, ‘Well, it’s more difficult for me to harvest a brain than it is for me to harvest a kidney, so that collection fee is going to be $1,000 for a brain, whereas it’s only going to be $400 for a kidney,’” Ms. Johnson said. “And the problem is that it’s so subjective, the amount of money that can be charged. That’s really where we need reform.”

So here’s the problem: Murder Inc. has the CMP dead to rights that they are self-confessed liars. “But PP are liars too! Much worse ones!” you say.

Just so. As this remarkably lie-filled graphic attests. But these tactics of lying that CMP employs only give Murder Inc’s lies credibility. Using lies to fight the devil is like a monoglot American trying to debate a Parisian in French. The Devil knows his way around the language of the lie far better than mortals do and you are a fool to take him on with that kind of home court advantage. When you make those kinds of Faustian Bargains, don’t be surprised if the trap closes on you.

“God does not need my lie.” – St. Augustine

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  • The list of “anti-choice” politicians is pretty much meaningless. The list tries to tie in all these Republicans, but there’s no “there” there.

    • IRVCath

      Some of those involved aren’t even Republicans!

      • I’m not familiar with everyone on the chart, but all the “anti choice” politicians (in green) are Republicans.

  • orual’s kindred

    I don’t even know where I’m supposed to start! Of course, I’m not great at charts.

  • Pete the Greek

    That graphic reminds me of the conspiracy explanation graphics that the ChemTrail and Illuminati ravers on youtube make that magically ‘prove’ that aliens killed JFK, or something….

  • CMP established probable cause for further investigation. A warrant should be issued and a team of forensic accountants completely separate from CMP should establish the truth of whether PP is guilty of gallows humor, isolated felonies, or is subject to criminal RICO.

    Whether CMP lied or not, probable cause is still established. If they recorded in a two party state without notifying the other party, they should pay the piper for their own illegality.