The Standard Trump Pattern

The Standard Trump Pattern July 18, 2018

Whenever Trump does something so disgusting  even his most devoted liars in his base are temporarily silenced while they think up a new lie to defend him, and have to play for time by expressing a bit of fake outrage at him until they can regroup and press on, he will offer a phony “clarification”–and then within 24 hours he will resume the disgusting course of action or lie and the pack of liars who support him will quietly fade away.

That’s happening again, right now.  After backing a lying murderer against the US, the backlash was so furious–even from most of his toadies on FOX, that Trump had to lie about his woulds and wouldn’ts in an attempt to pretend to himself that most Americans are as disgustingly dishonest as his base.

Now, convinced that this transparent lie was sufficient to persuade people that he did not spit in the face of his own country, Trump does what he always does, resume spitting in the face of his country.

This is not complicated. Trump stood right next to Putin and heard him confess with his own lips that he directed the Russian state to meddle in our elections.

After lying about this for two years, Trump now expects us to believe the lie that Russia is not continuing to meddle on his behalf and that of his party of enemies of the United States? Only his base of fellow enemies of the US repeat that lie.

By the way, Media: Stop, for the love of God, saying things like “Trump believes Russia did not meddle”. Stop talking about Trump as though he is merely inexplicably unable to see facts, as though he is innocently deluded. He is a *liar*. He knows perfectly well what the truth is. Stop talking about him like he is an equal party in a dialogue about reality. He is a *liar*. He is an *enemy* of the truth. Stop trying to treat him like anything else and call his lies what they are: lies, not “misspeaking” or “inaccurate” or “his view”.

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