This will be the emerging narrative

This will be the emerging narrative July 17, 2018

When Trump shocks the Right Wing Lie Machine with the latest indefensibility, it typically takes them about 24 hours or so to come up with the Lie Strategy to agree upon and use. This is the Lie Strategy that is emerging: The GOP as the Party of Peace and the critics of Trump as bloodthirsty warmongers.

You may ask, “Can anybody really be that cynical after nearly two decades of war courtesy of the GOP’s reckless attack on Iraq cheer-led by FOX?”

Are you kidding me? Get it through your heads: these are People of the Lie. They will tell you anything to justify Trump. Anything. Right now, CatholicVote is busy dynamiting the word “prolife” in order to secure the Christian Right for Trump. No lie is too big or outrageous for this pack of liars.

John 8:44

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