I don’t mean to boast

I don’t mean to boast November 30, 2012

…but let me boast.

We went to the Bellevue Botanical Garden Light Display last night and, as we were leaving, somebody pointed to a tall skinny pile of rocks about four feet high, apparently balanced on one another but really, of course, held in place by being speared on an iron rod.  “What do you call that?” somebody asked.

“A schist kabob!” I replied, because I am an incredible comic genius whom nobody appreciates.  I repeated my answer several times, to drive home the point about how brilliant that pun really was.

Nobody appreciates me.

“Schist kabob”.  Ah me.  I slay me.

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  • Don

    “Schist kabob…” that’s a gneiss one, Mark.

    • My geologist father in law often wears a T-shirt that says “Gneiss Chert.” I LOVE the geology puns…

    • Mark Shea

      It was sedimentary, my dear Watson.

  • Nick R

    Sharing bad geology puns is something one must do for the crater good.

    • Mark Shea

      Magmanimous of you to say so.

  • Chris M

    I slate it when you say stuff like that. Straighten up and pyrite, Mark.

  • Harri Laaksonen

    Gneiss pun. Mark Shale make many more and phylite the slate. Just be careful not to fall into the the bull schist.

  • Scoria! Not too shabby, I’ll granite. Tuff to beat.

    If dragged into quartz on charges of basalt, just say you lost your marble.

  • I’m not much good with geology, but let me try. I know I’m coming in at the tail end of this, but better latite than never. Just a minette.

    um….you rock?

    • JL

      Dude, you missed out. Tuff schist. (stolen from my 8th grade earth sciences teacher)

  • SecretAgentMan

    I didn’t post earlier. It was anorthosite.

  • Barbara

    Yeah, well St. Andrew just called to say that the earthquake in California wasn’t his fault.

  • Albertus M

    Ow. That cherts.

  • This post and each comment are well worth re-peat-ing. Sorry, best I can do this late at night…

  • Jeff B

    Not to be intrusive, but I just wanted to vent a bit and blow off some steam. After building up so much stress, it’s good to unload and decompress. I guess it’s just a fault of mine, but I’m told it’s totally normal. Hope you get the thrust of what I’m trying to say.

  • tz

    (I don’t know what is worse, the pun or that I got it immediately – it causes me to wonder about seeing through media hype of either the left or right).

    You Rock!

    Your are igneous to think of such hot (cross) puns.

    You come up with great fault lines – shaking things up.

    Would washing them result in a clean slate?

    I’m working on a bicycle like device for the winter, so I will be able to say “I sleigh me!”

    You don’t have a reason to boast about being mean. You need to be a few standard deviations above average for that.

    Well said-ementery. Sedimentary, my dear Watson.

    With the woman caught in adultery, our Lord wrote in the sand: a cease and de-schist order.