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News You Can Use November 16, 2012

How to Make DIY Twinkies Now That the Day of Visitation is Upon Us and Hostess Goes the Way of All Flesh

Happily, I stopped eating Ding Dongs when the diabetes diagnosis came in, so the impact of this on me is negligible. But it’s still sad thinking we now live in a Ding Dongless world. Li’l Debbie just doesn’t cut the mustard.

"As is often noted, they are not pro life, but pro birth."

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"I don’t stop making them. I was slightly, very slightly miffed, and couldn’t resist."

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  • Christina

    My husband has a student whose father works for Hostess and is losing his job. Please pray for all the employees and their families.

    • I certainly am. I thought about that after I posted my comment below. That’s a lot of families who just got thrown out in the cold. Like us, when folks say that schools are moving to digital and away from books. Yeah, hence my wife – our only source of steady income – was let go along with hundreds of others. It’s strange the ripple effects that changes we talk about can sometimes have. I wonder if the closed because in our economy, people just couldn’t afford those treats. It certainly wasn’t for a lack of quality.

  • You think you’re prepared for anything in life. Because of cost we stopped buying the things years ago (who knows, maybe we weren’t the only ones). Still, said to think they’re gone. In another generation nobody will have a clue what Egon was talking about.

    • TMLutas

      No fear on the brands, they will just be sold off to pay off the creditors. The pensions are dead and the jobs may be gone but the union negotiators probably still have employment.

  • KML

    But, Mark! They’re vitamin fortified!

  • Richard Bell

    There are already licensees baking the things in Canada, so I can see a new development in US cross border shoppers where old people buying meds are joined by people craving Wonder bread and twinkies.

    I do not know if there are canadians as fixated on the things as some americans seem to be, but the CBC assures us that Westin Foods will still market Wonder bread and another company (Saputo) has the rights to the little baked treats.

    • TMLutas

      I could see Saputo being offered US rights. They already are in the midst of a US expansion with the purchase of DCI, a big cheese maker. It is Weston, though, not Westin.