The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven does not permit…

The People’s Democratic National Security State of Heaven does not permit… November 29, 2012

…subjects to play games like “cops and robbers“.

I remember living in a free country where kids could play games.

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  • Carol Clark

    At first your headline made me think that little bitty kids were being targeted and suppressed–which would have been outrageous. After reading the article I can understand why the police are concerned, what with teenagers running through yards and hiding in the bushes. If this game involves trespassing on private property and frightening home owners in the middle of the night, it is a legitimate police concern, and the kids need to find an amusement that doesn’t disrupt the neighborhood and summon a police presence.

  • freddy

    Carol Clark is right. This isn’t your average playground or neighborhood game of “cops and robbers.”
    From the article: “A modified game of tag, played at night, with cars and up to 60 people, has grown to the point in Weatherford that police had to put out a warning.”

    Apparently, homeowners are becoming frightened by what teens trespassing and/or hiding in bushes near homes in their attempts to elude their opponents.

    In fact, the cops themselves aren’t trying to prohibit the game, just manage it so no one will get hurt. According to the article, “…police said their goal isn’t to get kids to quit. They do want teens to stay off private property, and parents to know the game is being played.”

    Sounds reasonable to me. Mark, what am I missing?

  • Matt G

    Mark, I love your blog for being reasonable, consistent and often humorous. This post is not really any of those things. The situation in question is a game which involves trespassing on other people’s property in the dark while trying not to be seen. Here in the south, shooting said people would be held up in court as legal defense of home and property. So yeah, I think concern from the police is justified.

  • Jeremy Dobbs

    I think people are misunderstanding Mark’s point here. This is indicative of a greater problem. We expect children to live in a sanitized environment, and this comes from a series of overprotective “reasonable” protections. The only “safe” kids are those who are involved in organized activities, on medication, and plop in front of video games until their skin turns a pasty white. Generations past had no problem letting kids play, and they turned out allright. It’s ok if a kid breaks an arm. The damage of overprotecting them does them more harm., in my opinion.

  • freddy

    Jeremy, did you read the article?

    The game is being played
    -at night
    -with cars
    -and up to 60 people.
    Also, it involves hiding on and crossing the property of people who are not involved in the game, without their permission.

    Nobody is having a problem “letting kids play;” in fact the cops don’t want to stop the game, just make parents aware, and keep the kids off private property. This has nothing to with a “sanitized environment” and everything to do with respect and discipline.