Don’t Get Snookered by Phony Apparitions

Don’t Get Snookered by Phony Apparitions December 6, 2012

Whether in Ohio, or in Medjugorje. The report from the Vatican’s Commission is, according to some, due to be handed to the Pope at the end of the month, but (according to others) not. No word when we will hear what’s in it. However, I am morally certain it’s simply going to ratify the warnings of the two local ordinaries who have already looked at it and said there is nothing supernatural happening in Medjugorje. I suspect no small part of the slowness is due to the fact that the people preparing it are not eager to face the firestorm of crazy when they tell True Believers the truth they don’t want to hear. Nonetheless, believers in this great fraud are going to have to decide whether they will listen to holy Church as they should have done when the local ordinaries tried to warn them 20 years ago, or if they will choose to continue blinding themselves with some silly conspiracy theory about the “smoke of Satan” seducing the Pope, etc. blah blah. This is going to be a real test of obedience for some.

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