J.R.R. Thomas Chesterton of Hippo

J.R.R. Thomas Chesterton of Hippo December 11, 2012

…and the odd schizophrenia of Evangelical publishers vis a vis Catholic writers.  Evangelicalism is in an accellerating process of distintegration into compenents such as Anglo-Catholic-friendly Evangelicalism, fundamentalism, post-modern (and increasing post-Christian) political action groups both left and right, moralistic therapeutic deism, virulent anti-Christian post-modern deconstructioism and sundry other subsects.  The people trying to keep a hold on historic Christianity whipsaw between wanting all the solidity of orthodox Catholic teaching while fearing that it could mean becomeing Catholic.  So they read dead Catholic like kids peeking at porn but then chicken out when confronted with Catholic converts like Frank Beckwith, cuz he might have cooties and they might be catching.

They are right, of course.  Those cooties are very catching.

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  • ivan_the_mad

    Well, that’s really quite irrational on the part of Moody, but then so is anti-Catholicism.

  • Blog Goliard

    All Protestantism has been in an accelerating process of disintegration since the first act of schism. Like modern Western society at large, it has been living off the accumulated moral and intellectual and theological capital accumulated throughout the various pre-Protestant/pre-modern eras. It is no longer firmly rooted in the foundation it inherited; yet it is incapable of building a lasting foundation for itself.

    The capital is now so thoroughly depleted that any and every eternal verity and ancient custom and bit of hard-earned wisdom may find itself unquestioned one moment, yet blow away like sand the next, when such things suddenly find themselves in the way of our contemporary gods.

  • HGL

    My conversion two stages (after becoming Christian in the first place):
    – 1) agreeing with Dale and Elane Rhooton that we can know, that the Bible is testified by the early Church which was persecuted (and hardly in the mood to invent excuses for getting more so)
    – 2) agreeing (after some further instruction) that Luther et al. only got the Bible via …. RCC!
    Version beta:
    – 1) agreeing with literal acceptance of genealogies since Adam etc. and of the Eucharist
    – 2) finding out Lutheranism included flirting with Darwin and Zwingli.
    Versions ran parallel.

  • Someone somewhere must give that name to their firstborn. MUST.

  • carlamariee

    The local Christian radio station where I lived had a (to me) maddening habit of only attributing quotes read on air when its’ author was Protestant. Whenever it was Frank Sheed or someone Catholic it would be an anonymous, “someone once said…”. At least they were hearing some worthwhile stuff!