Interesting Profile of Derya Little…

Interesting Profile of Derya Little… September 14, 2017

A convert to Catholic faith from Islam.

We crossed paths recently when I was sent the MSS of her new book:

It’s a fascinating story and has a very personal connection for me. In the course of her journey, she wound up reading By What Authority?, becoming perhaps the last person on planet Earth I ever dreamed would read such a book. (When I wrote it, I had in view my own tribe of suburban American Evangelicals and never in a million years would have thought it would be of use to a Turkish Muslim-cum-atheist scholar living in England.) Thanks be to God through our Lord Jesus Christ that he sees ends I cannot!

On Friday, I am pleased to say, I will be interviewing Dr. Little for Connecting the Dots. I will post the interview here when it’s ready.

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