Where can you find some of the most vicious anti-Catholic commentary?

Where can you find some of the most vicious anti-Catholic commentary? September 13, 2017

From Catholics, especially super duper prolife Catholics, responding to the bishops teaching anything that challenges the dogmas of FOX or the Party of Trump.

Here, for instance, is notable leftwing liberal babykiller Archbishop Chaput, challenging Trump’s rescinding of DACA and making the obvious and humane plea not to threaten 800,000 innocent, hard-working Americans with the mortal sin of mass deportation to a strange land.

You’d think the man had set fire to the Eucharist or helped perform an abortion from the hissing fury of the Good White Christians in the comboxes:

Bishop’s, Priests and the Pope need to keep the business out of politics.

When the Pope tears down the impenetrable 40 foot wall around Vatican City and let refugees live in opulence with him….then we’ll talk. Until then, it is pure hypocrisy. ……and I’m Catholic.

Actually, the pope has welcomed refugees.  But given that braindead tu quoques are all the Party of Trump has, such kneejerk responses are par for the course.

Just like the radical democrats need voters, the Catholic Church needs church goers. I am also a Catholic. Over the years I have seen the harm caused by pedophile priests. The socialist policies of the pope and bishops are unwanted.

Irrelevant pedophilia swipe. Check.  Socialism honk. Check.  Parroting of Bannon’s Know Nothing lies. Check.

illegal is illegal, in that time your neighbor could have gone through the process to be legal, obviously she chose not to

Here, try knowing what you are talking about:

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And that’s just a tiny sample of the 300 ignorant responses. Meanwhile, on the USCCB FB page, the remarks of the bishops on DACA and immigrants, the comboxes are swarming with Good White Catholics heaping contempt on the least of these, heaping contempt on the bishops’ teaching what the Church has always taught about our duty to the stranger and (you guessed it) hiding behind the unborn in exactly the way they were (for the umpteenth time in 30 years) taught to do when Fr. Pavone desecrated an altar with the corpse of a murdered baby in order to make a stump speech for Trump last fall.

The habit of using the unborn as human shields in order to defend the favorite mortal sins of Republicans and make open war on the Church’s teaching is the single most disgusting thing “prolife” Catholics do.  That they have the gall to announce themselves the moral superiors of the Pope only makes it more gross.

There remains, of course, a simple solution to the problem: just listen to the Church whole teaching about the dignity of the life of both the unborn *and* the Dreamer.

Why not try that? Is it really all that hard?

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