The Feast of the Holy Family…

The Feast of the Holy Family… December 30, 2019

…was yesterday:

The biggest assault on Catholics taking place on US soil is not the suffering of white conservative Catholics ginned up into their yearly round of butthurt by liars shrieking about the “War on Christmas”. It is the sadistic assault on refugees by conservative (not orthodox) Christians–Protestant and Catholic–in their idolatry which declares that Trump was chosen by God but the pope was not.

It is their cruelty and sadism, not the magicking away of abortion, that will be remembered by the rest of the human race–and most importantly, by God, on That Day.
It is their cynicism, that prissily lies to people guilty of no crime but seeking asylum, “If you obeyed the law, we would not take your children” while also declaring that the sadist they worship is under no obligation to obey the Constitution.

This, not the unborn, is what they care about. The unborn are just human shields for this, their real passion. God have mercy on them through Christ our Lord and deliver them from evil before it is too late.

Holy Family, pray for them–and above all for their victims.

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