In Honor of Presidents Day…

In Honor of Presidents Day… February 17, 2020

I give you Jonathan Coulton’s Educational Song, “The Presidents”:

I was a weird kid. In addition, to completely re-typing the entire text of The War of the Worlds one fall in 9th grade (by hunt-and-peck, no less!), I also once memorized the entire text of the Declaration of Independence in 8th grade, this entire song:

and, yes, all the Presidents of the United States up till Nixon (I know the ones after him too) in the summer of 1972. I also know more about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln than any normal person should ever know, due to an essay I wrote about it in the 8th grade that is stored deep in my long term memory, never to be removed by any mortal power.

Have I been to Ford’s Theatre? Of course, I have! And the Peterson House across the street where he died. I’ve also been to Mount Vernon and to Dealey Plaza and Hyde Park and Lincoln’s home in Springfield and the Boston restaurant where JFK proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier.

Challenge me not in matters of Presidential trivia, O Mortal Man! Fear me and keep silent lest my superior History Nerdliness overwhelm your fragile flesh with useless information!

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