Pseudo-Profundity from Fake Voltaire

Pseudo-Profundity from Fake Voltaire February 18, 2020

One of the marks of the Right Wing Herd of Independent Thinkers is its lockstep conformity in believing any lie their folk heroes tell them while being Deeply Skeptical of what Normals call “actual journalism” but they reactively declare to be “Fake News”.  Case in point:

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This meme has been endlessly circulated by Alt Right and MAGA Big Brains who think it is profound to shout “YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!!” at anybody who demands they do their homework or think thoughts that make them uncomfortable as they screw on their red hats and march off to another Nuremburg Rally to chant the praises of the Dear Leader.

Here’s the problem.  First, Voltaire never said it, something you’d know if you had the guts to stick your head out of your mental bubble, O MAGA Cultist.  Who did say it?  We will get to that in a moment.  But more important is that even if Voltaire had said it, people who were able to think and not simply parrot words would be able to say, “Wait! That is idiotic, whoever said it!” because people who can think are capable of analyzing bunk and do not slavishly repeat nonsense as Eternal Truth simply because a meme attributes it to Famous Person X.

Here’s reality: some people should not be criticized, not because they rule over you, but because they are innocent victims and you are a dick who thinks you are daring for adding to their suffering.

If you “courageously” criticize Holocaust survivors and call them liars, or “courageously” criticize a child porn victim for “having it coming”, you are not throwing off the chains of oppression. You are laying those chains on to others more heavily than ever and you are a massive jerk, not a hero.

Which brings us to the real author of the quote: Kevin Alfred Strom, a white supremacist child porn fan and Neo-Nazi who really did mean to say that the Jooooooos did not “allow” people like him to lie about the Holocaust and who really did consume child porn.

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The people who pass this garbage around, whoever they attribute it to, prove every day that nobody should trust their judgment or believe a word they say.

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