O Frabjous Day! Calloo! Callay!

O Frabjous Day! Calloo! Callay! December 1, 2012

Rod Bennett, one of my favorite people in the world (and the author of the excellent book on the Apostolic Fathers, Four Witnesses) has a new book out that *you* need to get for the fantasy fan in your life. He writes:

Just thought you might like to know that The Christus Experiment is finally available to the public as a Kindle book via Amazon (with a paperback soon to follow).

If you do decide to share this info with your readers (nice fellow that you are!) I’d recommend including a couple of caveats going in: that the book will probably be best appreciated by those with a taste for SF already, by those willing to entertain an edgy idea or two, and by folks unruffled by a “PG-13” rating, so to speak.

Here’s the “back cover” text you’re welcome to use, also:

He’s been divinized, demonized, demythologized, and decoded. He’s been spoken for and spoken against, the best loved, least understood, most controversial figure in human history. All of which makes Jesus of Nazareth the single most tempting target for haunted Georgia billionaire Anson MacDonald and his pricy team of time-traveling scientists and historians. What if you could capture Christ?—bring him to our own time, make him sit for modern questions and get his answers on tape? Would he do miracles? Start a revolution? Would he disappoint his followers—or disappoint the skeptics?

These questions become a good deal more than academic for three unsuspecting outsiders brought to MacDonald’s secret compound for close encounters with his mysterious guest. Sylvie Fortune, the beautiful but wheelchair-bound police psychic, has longstanding issues with the failed Messiah of her childhood and insists on hanging these around the neck of MacDonald’s visitor. Security analyst Carter Nichols, brought in to investigate the leaks that threaten Jesus’ safe return to his own time, grapples with the threat of attack by fanatics and the social unrest that could erupt when the truth about the Christus Experiment is revealed. And most frightening of all, Rabbi Jakob Silverberg, assigned as the Nazarene’s Jewish chaplain during his 21st century stay, begins to uncover a sinister plot to change history, slowly realizing that someone (or something) could very well be using MacDonald’s time machine to enslave the future forever…

Early readers of The Christus Experiment have had nothing but raves:

Author and historian Mike Aquilina declared it “a piece of out-and-out genius…I couldn’t put it down. Haunted me for days afterward.”

Micah Harris, author of Heaven’s War, the acclaimed graphic novel from Image Comics, says The Christus Experiment is “mind-blowing…and hugely entertaining. This is what C.S. Lewis would be doing in the age of Iron Man. Bravo!”

Thanks, bro. And thanks for your help with the book, lo, those many moons ago.

One the most memorable evenings of my life was spent in a hotel room in Pittsburgh a few years back with a couple of friends as Rod regaled us, till 4 AM with the Christus Experiment script he was working on then.  What a terrific yarn!  And with his creative noggin working it over in the intervening years I’m sure he’s packed even more cool ideas into it.  I’m going to wait for the paperback and get me one!  If you’ve got Kindle, get it now!  And get it as a Christmas present for somebody you love  It’s got Ninjas!  Time travel! Kidnapping Jesus!  It’s terrific fun.

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