These stories are wholly unrelated…

These stories are wholly unrelated… December 18, 2012

…and in no way indicate that our culture is deeply sexually deranged.

SCIENCE! Invents Dissolving Condom

SCIENCE! Invents Date Rape Drug Detector

Monstrous Huxleyan Nerds Look Forward to Technocratic Paradise Where Babies Can be Manufactured Instead of Having to Bother with All that Love and Sex Hoohah.

Clearly, the message is that sexuality is a plumbing and technological problem, not that there is something wrong with us requiring forgiveness and redemption.

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  • No thanks, I’ll stick to the old fashioned method.

    • Of conception.

      (Added nonsense to pad the post as it was apparently too short.)

  • Tim Jones

    I heard about this date rape drug detector, and could only think, “Honey, if you need a gizmo like that, you need to get a new life”. If there’s that high a likelihood that you’re approaching Date Rape territory, maybe you haven’t really thought things through, socially, is all I’m saying.

    Good grief.

    • I expect such detectors to be routinely built into our glassware a few decades from now with this class of drugs included right along with the poisons. Neo-barbarism will be very high tech.

  • BobRN

    O joy! Reproduction without sex! And … this is supposed to be a good thing?