This tells you how seldom I read the Reporter

This tells you how seldom I read the Reporter December 4, 2012

When I read “National Catholic Reporter endorses women priests” my first thought was, “Didn’t they do that years ago?”

Apparently not.  So now they’ve come out and said what it was obvious they’ve been telegraphing for 30 years.  It’s good to have clarity on their doomed dedication to something that Ain’t  Gonna Happen and their devotion to the Spirit of the Age over the teaching of Christ and the apostles, I guess.  I like know where people stand and prefer frank and open Wrongness to mealy-mouthed,  euphemistic and evasive Wrongness.

Eventually, progressives who are deeply devoted to implementing the Third Vatican Council are going to be confronted with an actual Third Vatican Council that is, like the once-dreamed-of progressive dissenter successor to John Paul II, going to severely disappoint them by remaining orthodox.  What they will do when that becomes clear  is anybody’s guess.  The world being as weird as it is, they might wind up making common cause with uber-Trad secevacantists to denounce the Church as failing to be Truly True Catholic. When Herodians and Pharisees can scheme together to kill Jesus and Hitler and Stalin can buddy up, anything is possible.  In parody of real ecumenism there is such a thing as Satanic Ecumenism.

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