Don’t Forget to Vote for the Troll

Don’t Forget to Vote for the Troll January 30, 2013

the one who is not a Goblin, for the Best Catholic Blog!

That is all!

"Hey Mark! You got $250 mil laying around?"

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  • I wish you success, more or less…:-)


  • Andy, Bad Person

    Maybe I’m reading him wrong (it’s so hard with such over-the-top satire), but it seems he’s critical of Leah continuing to blog on the Catholic Channel at Patheos given her discussions regarding gay marriage. Leah is arguing in good faith, and I believe that if she continues that, she’ll reach the truth.

    • Mark Shea

      Yeah, he’s critical of Leah and, I thought, unfair. But I still think the guy is hilarious (assuming he’s a guy).

  • Jason C.

    I’ve not heard of most of those ‘blogs–are most of them just Catholic mommy ‘blogs that evolved? Or is there kind of an indie music thing except with Catholic ‘blogs? Like “I liked Dawn Eden’s early stuff,” or “XYZ is my favorite ‘blog, you probably haven’t heard of it, it doesn’t even launch for a month.”

  • Katheryn

    I sooooo don’t get that blog, and I really want to. I want funny. I just must not be evolved enough or something.

  • Just beware that if you comment at the Troll’s blog, responding to something he said, he may change (and has changed) the comment you are responding to to say something completely different. He didn’t actually alter my words in that discussion, but he completely changed his own comments after the fact to say something different than what they had said when I responded to them.

    • Mark Shea

      Hm. Didn’t know that.

    • zippy, i must protest your accusation. it is true that i edited my own comment on the post that you linked to, but i did not alter the substance of my remarks, which in every case celebrated your claim that the very act of voting was an act of idolatry. you initially regarded this interpretation as reflecting poorly on my reading comprehension skills, and i had assumed that your position was unchanged. i may be absurd, but i’m not dishonest.