Most News Media Offer You the Equivalent of Fast Food

Most News Media Offer You the Equivalent of Fast Food January 30, 2013

It’s news that’s whipped up and slapped on a plate quickly for you to consume swiftly and uncritically. The great thing about the NY Times is that it offers you finely *aged* news, such as the Times recent leisurely discovery that there are lawsuits–rather a lot of them actually–against the HHS mandate and that things haven’t been going swimmingly for the God King. Rubbing its eyes, the Times even begins to notice that the Mandate could present some sort of basic challenge to the First Amendment.

It’s the kind of johnny on the spot reportage that continue to distinguish the Grey Lady from the rest of the pack.

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  • David Norris

    Why don’t you try to get your own flock to follow your absurd, reactionary position on birth control before trying to force it on your employees?

    • Refusal to pay for someone’s birth control is not the same thing as “forcing” someone to not use birth control.

      • David Norris

        You don’t get to get out of paying for birth control anymore than Jehova’s Witnesses get to opt out of paying for blood transfusions. Keep your ridiculous anti-woman prohibitions on your own little sect.

        • Margaret Catherine

          Blood transfusions save lives. Birth control pills? Not so much. When used to treat actual medical conditions, they are not prescribed as birth control, not coded by medical billers as birth control, and not insured (or not) as birth control. (There – Standard Reply #1 to Standard Objection #1.)

          • David Norris

            Avoiding pregnancy saves lives, too, and certainly saves women’s health.

            If I listed all the symptoms of pregnancy but didn’t tell you it was pregnancy causing them, you’d think I just finished describing a horrid virus.

            • >Avoiding pregnancy saves lives, too, and certainly saves women’s health.

              Don’t have sex then.

              • David Norris

                Aaaaaand the slut-shaming starts in earnest. Utterly predictable.

                • Tis basic logic. If pregnancy is SO horrible, then both men and women should avoid it at all costs. This is simply your own position’s logical conclusion.

                  OR one could take the position that the logical outcome of the biological process IS procreation. But that would be crazy talk. I mean, it isn’t like they are called genitals or anything…

                  • Bill

                    Ain’t no party like a leftist anger party cause a leftist anger party don’t stop.

                  • LUKE1732

                    I learned in science class, that’s right SCIENCE class, all about the REPRODUCTIVE system. One day soon lefties will be lobbying everyone to start calling it the Entertainment Center.

                    • FdS

                      Luke1732 — This is the best comment ever. Thank you!

                    • Beadgirl

                      Love it! I hope I remember that.

                    • the mouse

                      Funny! And, sadly, all too true.

                    • Thinkling

                      File this away in the I-wish-I-said-it folder. This rocks, and would rock more if it weren’t somewhat plausible.

                • Brian

                  Slut shaming? I’m pretty sure you’re on the wrong track. No one is saying that having sex and being surprised by pregnancy makes you a slut.
                  It makes you an idiot.
                  If you don’t know that coitus is a reproductive act, you’re stupid, and should feel stupid.

                • James H, London

                  Oh-ho, guilty conscience much?

            • Margaret Catherine

              …and tonight I will slip into the coma in which I spend a full 1/3 of my life, possibly exhibiting signs of terrible respiratory distress. Those are nothing, however, compared to the clearly haywire breathing patterns, and possible eye problems, that result when I find something funny…

              • Rosemarie


                Not to mention the physical signs of orgâsm – hyperventilation, heart palpitations, involuntary muscle movements, etc. You’d think I just described some kind of seizure! And we know people have died after having one. So avoiding sexuâl climax must save lives! Scientists should invent a drug that prevents orgâsm, otherwise we will never truly have “safe sêx.”

                (…and no, I’m not seriously arguing this, just showing where such sophistry could lead.)

            • Jon W

              Wait? What? Suddenly it’s not worth it to go through something painful to accomplish something beautiful? Because a new person is worth less than finishing the Ironman Triathlon?

              You, sir, find arguments like this compelling only because you (and, admittedly, the rest of us fools) really, really enjoy living in a world where we do not protect, care for, honor, and sacrifice for pregnant ladies. Where the pain someone else goes through in order to bring a beautiful new person into being never inconveniences us because it’s “none of our business.” We’ve got our own lives to live, and who gives a rip about someone’s new brat?

              Fie on you, sir.

              Now I’m depressed. This whole society sucks.

            • Rosemarie


              >>>If I listed all the symptoms of pregnancy but didn’t tell you it was pregnancy causing them, you’d think I just finished describing a horrid virus.

              And yet, it’s not a virus, but the quite natural means by which the human race is perpetuated.

              Such a demeaning view of the female body, that treats a woman’s awesome life-giving power as though it were a dread disease.

              • Margaret Catherine

                Glad my mother didn’t think that way. The only thing betweeen her and getting an abortion was that she didn’t. I wasn’t a disease, and I’m rather happy to be alive, come to think of it. I’m going to guess that David is over 40 years old.

        • Balin

          David, David, David. While it’s clear Will Rogers never met you, you still have time to read Dale Carnegie.

        • Ahumada

          Why doesn’t the government mandate that my son’s asthma medication be free? That would really save HIS life. Here’s the reason: the government doesn’t give a flying f*** about people who have asthma. But it does benefit greatly from a populace that is so preoccupied with bread and circuses and endless sterile copulating that it won’t stop to notice the surge in police-statism that has been going on for the past 30 years and has swiftly accelerated under our smooth-operator idol. Google the word “sexualityism”. It’s a clumsy term, but it’s the prevailing ideology the in- crowd demands we all subscribe to now. Premarital, extramarital, and deviant sex are the only activities you can never “judge”, and must completely subsidize, otherwise you are a bigot, like that cub scout the above commenter bragged about bullying the other day. Normal, traditional families are to be pathologized as the old abnormal. Guess what? We’re going to keep calling out your naked emperor, day after day. We’re not going away. And in a couple of generations, we’re going to outnumber you. Think about why this last event will happen. What cultural norms will lead up to THAT ironic state of affairs? Answer in no fewer than three paragraphs but no more than five. Or perhaps just sit back and look forward to THAT future “new normal.” Not such a fun phrase after all, is it?

          And by the way, sterility meds do NOT promote health. In fact, they even reduce female desire. But please understand, once and for all, that refusing. to. pay. for. your. crap. pills. and. grotesque. devices. is. NOT. bloody. “forcing”. you. to. do. anything. at. all.

          • Beadgirl

            “Why doesn’t the government mandate that my son’s asthma medication be free? That would really save HIS life. ”

            Oh, word, Ahumada. Given the small fortune I’ve shelled out over the years for Beadboy1’s medications, surgeries, procedures, etc., I have a very hard time sympathizing with people who whine that birth control should be free.

          • Margaret

            ^^^This. In spades. There are tons of people managing serious health conditions like asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., for whom their maintenance meds and supplies (NOT FREE UNDER OBAMACARE, mind you) provide immediate life-saving and health-preserving benefits. But apparently they don’t carry the same political clout as Planned Parenthood & Co. Makes me sick.

          • Brian

            It’s even worse than that, Ahumada. I’ve been asthmatic for 20 years. I now have two asthmatic children. I can attest that not only is much of the medicine expensive (especially since they took away my cheap spray because of how I was destroying the ozone layer with it) it’s hard to get.
            It’s perfectly acceptable that only one pharmacy in my area carries many types of our (life saving) medicine. My understanding is that pharmacies can discriminate because of the inordinate amount of space it might take, to say nothing of the low profit margins. But we all know what happens if a pharmacy wants to not carry birth control.
            $=Valid reason
            Not being evil=Invalid reason
            In my more cynical moments, I’d say it’s because the people in power know full well that man can serve but one master. They’ve made the choice for Mammon, and just like the German princes, they’re going to do their damnedest to snuff out the alternative.

          • David Norris

            On the contrary, totalitarian and authoritarian regimes HATE sex and sexuality, and are notoriously puritanical. The 1950s USSR was even more anti-gay, for example, than the USA at the time. The Nazis wanted women pregnant and in the kitchen. North Koreans are so sexually stunted that some of the refugees that defected don’t even know how babies are made. And in Orwell’s 1984 we had the Junior Anti-Sex League and campaigns to abolish the orgasm.

            • Mark Shea

              Sooooo…. sex is good–and Catholics are weirdos who want too many kids. Women are controlled by religion, and you will step in to pat the little ladies on the head and tell them what they *should* be thinking. Don’t tell you what you can do in your bedroom, and pay for whatever you want to do there. Oh, and HITLER!!!!!! STALIN!!!!! KIM JONG IL!!!!! 1984!!!!!!


            • LUKE1732

              …not to mention: “totalitarian and authoritarian regimes HATE sex and sexuality” AND “Nazis wanted women pregnant”.

              Apparently, North Americans are so sexually obsessed that some don’t even know how logical arguments are made.

            • Rosemarie


              1984? Really? Well, as long as you’re citing fictional novels for “proof” about real-world regimes: the fictional totalitarian and authoritarian state in Brave New World loved sex. How does that fit your argument? (It also did away with pregnancy, BTW, which is more up *your* alley.)

        • dpt

          Birth coptrol is anti-women. It allows men to use and abuse women more freely…sex is no a commodity to be consumed without obligations (thank you big Pharma)

          Decades ago when the Protestant churches accepted birth control, they informed us that access to contraception would strengthen marriages, end prostitution, and result in more respect for women.

          Given the status of broken marriages, single moms living in poverty, and the ever growing sex trade and pornography racket, the promises have not been delivered.

          Being against birth control is the opposite of being anti-women.

          • An Aaron, not the Aaron

            Pewsitter, aside from vomiting up “but… but… Shea! Voris! Flying Monkeys!” headlines, sometimes does link things of actual interest. I saw reference to an article wherein the COO of Facebook (a woman) is trying to argue that employers should be allowed to ask women if they intend to have children. The clear implication (more than an implication actually) here is that employers should be able to deny employment to women who want children on the basis that they won’t be as “committed” to their jobs. This type of anti-children, anti-mother bigotry in the workplace is one of the legacies of contraception. In addition to allowing dirty old men to treat women like sex objects, the Pill allows employers to treat women like men, or at least like sexless worker drones. Not to get all Fringe-y here, but if American women rejected the Pill and insisted on being treated like, well, real women, perhaps flex hours and on-site day-care would be the norm today, rather than the exception. The best thing that ever happened to American women was the Vote. The worst thing to ever happen to American women was the Pill.

        • Beadgirl

          David Norris, please stop speaking for my gender. We don’t all agree with you, and we don’t need you “mansplaining” for us.

          • Mark Shea

            Heh! Love it when enlightened lefty males step in, pat you gals on your pretty little heads and say, “Let a real man handle this. Not all of you girls know what’s best for you.”

            • Beadgirl

              Don’t forget, Mark — I’m a poor women on the verge of physical and psychological collapse because of all the babies I’m forced to have, under the total dominion of my husband and priest. Or I’m a man with breasts. Or wait, maybe I’m Serena Joy from the Handmaid’s Tale. I’m so confused . . .

              • Mark Shea

                Are you sure you should be writing and thinking like this? Don’t you have some housecleaning to do? Let David handle the thinking for the both of you. There’s a good girl.

          • Rosemarie


            I second what Beadgirl said. As a woman who has experienced three pregnancies as well as many viral infections, I can tell you they are NOT the same at all. The comparison is laughable.

        • Rosemarie


          >>>You don’t get to get out of paying for birth control anymore than Jehova’s Witnesses get to opt out of paying for blood transfusions.

          The gov’t has not mandated that JW-owned businesses pay the full cost of blood transfusions for their employees. Apples and oranges again.

          Besides, so what if a JW doesn’t want to pay for it; why would I want to force him? As long as I can buy a rider on my own dime that includes that procedure and pay a reasonable copay, then what’s the problem? Also, if he’s up front when I take the job about his refusal to pay for this procedure, I could even refuse to work for him. No one is forcing me to work for anyone against my will. Employers who do pay for blood transfusions would then be even more attractive to work for.

    • Mark Shea

      “Stay out of my bedroom! And pay for whatever I want to do in there!” Got it.

      • kara

        Pretty much this. I have yet to see a rational response.

  • David Norris

    And they certainly have more to do with health than say ED treatments or baldness pills, which of course the male-run Catholic Church has no problem paying for.

    • Of course, ED pills promote healthy sexual activity, whereas birth control suffocates it. Such distinctions, important as they are, are in fact lost in hysterical tirades.

      • Margaret Catherine

        Just admire the implication that Rogaine is a patriarchal weapon against women.

        • Indeed. This makes me think that people like Mr. Norris think that Old Spice commercials are documentaries.

        • Beadgirl

          Isn’t it great to have a man come along and explain it all to us, Margaret?

    • John Y

      Err, since when have ED/baldness pills been dictated by the government that they must be covered with no co-pay and the cost absorbed by the people covering the cost of insurance? Sorry, apples and oranges.

  • kara

    Um , do the Amish get to opt out of paying for other people’s birth control? And if so, are they accepting applications? Also, isn’t cheap/free birth control the popularly-defended reason for Planned Parenthood’s existence? So, will they go out of business?

  • Will

    Note that the talking points regurgitated by the troll have nothing to do with the post on journalism and the Times. And that he gets to do the trolling which would be spiked on GetReligion.

    • kara

      Oh, let them have their fun. Troll-stompping can be quite therapuetic as team-sport.

      • Brian

        And this is one of the best troll-stompings I can remember.

  • B.E. Ward

    I think Mark needs a ‘Troll of the Day’ badge..