How comboxes work

How comboxes work January 28, 2013

Just so you know, the way *you* experience comboxes and the way I experience them is totally different. I see a feed of all traffic from all boxes in chronological order, all jumbled together. You see a particular blog entry and scroll down a bazillion comments in that entry in order to continue your discussion of printer toner or the infield fly rule. If the thread has no particular interest to me, I just buzz past and either look for stuff the interests me, or some people not Playing Well with Others, or somebody saying, “Hey Shea! Attend to me!”

I try to reply to people demanding my attention, even in threads I haven’t been following. If I politely do this, and you declare that my failure to banish Poster Q in a thread that I haven’t been following can only be due to my unmitigated evil, cowardice and lust for blog traffic, mostly what you succeed in doing is flagging your accusation with a big note that says, “Here be Jerks!” If you shrilly persist in that accusation even after it has been explained that I don’t follow all threads and Poster Q is advocating a thesis *contrary* to what I said in my entry–well now you are helping me decide that you are someone I can do without who never will be missed.

Moral: I dislike being screamed at. Don’t do that if you want to post here.

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  • Am I doing it right?

  • “joe”

    the infield fly rule really needs to be called more often.

  • jcb

    In all my years on the internet, I’ve been doing nothing but futilely seeking attention. And now you’re telling me all I have to do is be less subtle about it?

  • The fact that you have to deal with such problems makes me feel marginally better that my blog has almost no readers.

    • That response made my day.

    • I could not agree with you more!

  • kara

    Help, help!! I’m being repressed!

  • Never mind the infield fly rule; something’s gotta be done about the playoff structure. All those extra scorecards are using up all my toner.

  • Will

    You are practicing censorship by not publishing my comments on this post!

  • My own jerkism is a constitutive part of my identity! How dare you try to censor my self-expression!

  • Poster Q

    You experience your comboxes the same way I do! You do read all comments! Thank goodness you agree with me, as you show by not deleting this comment, because otherwise Hitler.