Update on Fr. Corapi

Update on Fr. Corapi January 28, 2013

People write me from time to time and ask me what’s up with Fr. Corapi. There hasn’t been much news since the Blacksheep Dog scheme to grift his fanbase fell apart and he disappeared from sight. After that, no longer presenting a source of danger to the flock as his cult of personality waned, I haven’t paid any attention. But people still write me now and then wondering. The closest thing to news is this little thingie that popped up, but it’s not really anything substantiated or even all that interesting. Mostly what it tells you is not anything about Corapi that you wouldn’t already surmise from his silence, but it does tell you a lot about Folk Hero worshipping conservative Catholics, in the comments. These reveal that there remains a small nucleus of worshippers of the Corapi cult who imagine that he was the Only Man on Earth who spoke The TRVTH, that The TRVTH consisted of regurgitating a few Catholic-flavored GOP Red Meat Culture War Talking Points, that Michael Voris has now taken up this mantle and is Elisha to Corapi’s Elijah, and that the basic pattern of battening on some Folk Hero to save us and lead us to the Light instead of becoming mature Catholics who learn to think with the Church and pay attention to the Magisterium (commonly known cafeteria conservativess as “the damn Librul bishops and gay cabal who persecute Michael Voris and plotted to destroy Fr. Corapi”) is alive and well in discernment-free conservative Catholic circles.

Folk Heroes and demagogues are the unpaid bills of our episcopacy’s failures over the past few decades. Their popularity is a clear sign that Catholics flat do not trust their bishops and are looking for somebody to keep them safe. It’s the same dynamic that attracts fatherless young men into gangs headed by strong charismatic figures. And it will–and has–resulted in the same sort of chaos as cults of personality form around figures who make up for their lack of knowledge (Voris) or integrity (Corapi) with certitude and command. The Church’s traditional solution to the human urge to have a cult of personality around a hero is to say, “Knock yourself out. But just be sure the object of your cult is dead and canonized.” In America, however, Catholicism drinks deep of the cult of celebrity and confuses that with the cult of the saints. Result: we keep canonizing Living Saints before it has really been established that they are saints and then we circle the wagons to defend them from Forces of Evil that often just turn out to be people saying, “Your Idol has feet of clay.”

Moral: Grow up. Stop worshipping Folk Heros. Learn to listen to the Church. And let those who adored and trusted in the Folk Hero pray for the poor soul they burdened with trust and adoration that should only have been placed in Jesus Christ.

UPDATE:  Welcome, Pewsitter Flying Monkeys!  Since the anonymous cowards at Pewsitter have ordered a little code red on me again I just thought you should know that you are in for some especially stiff competition in the Gettin’ Catty for Holy Faith competition this time.  So far, my absolute favorite Flying Monkey combox entry comes from “Sister Mary Pantsuit”, who writes, “’Great Article Mark!!’ – Me, Fr. Effeminate, & Satan”. That cracks me up good. I doubt any of you Pewsitter guys can top that.

Because nothing says “manly courage resisting the feminization of the Church” like anonymously posting as a nun.

*Do* that Dana Carvey thang, you gutsy Real Catholic!

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  • kingj1243

    Please be more charitable and kind, why do you feel the need to always go after your “enemies.” Satan brings disunity and Jesus teaches us to love our enemies. Look I went to Franciscan and read a book of yours and liked it, but the way you write sounds like a facebook post by a teenager girl who is trying to get back at their parents for being grounded. Embrace the fruit of the Spirit, kindness because you have great gifts but I feel you are starting to sound like Corapi after 2009. God Bless you but please read more Mother Teresa and try to take on her way of interacting even with those who disagreed with her and even hated her. That way it is not your ego people see (which they see in celebrity cults) but Jesus through you and then people will stop following you or Vortex or Corapi and start to follow Christ!

  • CatholicDad

    I never fail to be amused by someone who lectures me to grow up whilst in full tantrum…or to excoriate any/all cultural leaders/teachers in our faith…do his proscriptions apply to Bishop Sheen as well? This is the third or fourth time I have given this so-called Catholic editorial columnist a read and I have to say that this does not rise to the level of discourse, civility/charity or critical thinking that I would expect in such subject matter. Sadly, I think I have to dismiss this blogger as just another feckless, superficial, know-it-all with a private agenda. The more you read him the less he makes sense and the more he trips himself up in self-contradiction. My chief concern is that he might be read by either impressionable, poorly-catechized Catholics or non-Catholics considering crossing the Tiber. Meh…(Walk, fight & pray…mGrby)

    • I don’t remember Bishop Sheen leaving his vocation to drive motor cycles and live like a millionaire.

  • hawk222 wolf

    Hot rod iron hiting the cold water ,thats all he was .

  • rose

    Cult? I think that type of terminology is a little extreme after-all thousands of people came back to the church, renewed their faith because of the boldness and transparency of this priest. I forgive whatever happened, I think you and everyone else should too !!!! Besides, people get jealous including priest and Lucifer, he’s always lurking around to bring (especially priest) down. As for me, I would like to hear Fr. Corapi witness again. What a dynamic evangelist!!!!!

  • bstan

    Yes, this is a pathetic article from someone who clearly has no compassion, less heart and very little consideration for those of us who knew Fr. Corapi’s strengths, weaknesses, miss him, and empathize with his trials. I suppose he could have stayed in the Priest hood and maybe molested some kids as many Priests did – sure. Talk about unpaid bills. I am not so sure he wasn’t forced out of the Priesthood by those in this country that would like to take the church down. So, while you are judging Mr. Shea, you may find yourself answering to someone above. If you were to find that someone else (say a terrorist) forced him into what he did, you wouldn’t feel so good about all of the slander.

    • Sr. Michaela Mary, OCarm

      No matter what his position in the community he was affiliated with, Fr. Corapi remains a “Priest forever, after the order of Melchizedek” and so needs serious prayer. Personally I think he needs to spend time in a monastic community – let’s say the Cistercians. Some serious penance and prayer along with a moderate diet and some good physical work has done wonders for many, many before him and will do so for many after.

  • PJ Drum

    Regardless of your feelings for Father Corapi, Mr. Shea’s article is tendentiously reported, with a radical left wing view… your political biases are thunderously apparent, and your venom for traditional American and Catholic values reveals that you have been sufficiently indoctrinated by the Utopians and statists…… Good luck to ya….

    • Since when is abandoning the good fight to live in a gated community, take off the collar, and drive motorcycles “traditional Catholic values”? American values sure, but American values are twisted by either the mortal sin of lust or greed- and in Fr. Corapi’s version, looks like both.

    • WANDA


  • Kelly

    We should all be praying for Father Corapi……”let he who is without sin cast the first stone”…..

    • Sr. Michaela Mary, OCarm

      Amen. Priests are ground zero as far as Satan is concerned and he must have let himself slip back into his pre-conversion character (so easily done by any of us) because of all the love he was getting from the audience who were obviously starving for someone to bravely and unapologetically state the facts of life and death for all human beings (even himself). He seems to have either been a victim of the demonic realm – or (and I shudder to think it) a member of the opposition all along. Either way he needs prayer, not condemnation by other sinners. Let God do the judging, He won’t make any mistakes.

    • JMR

      You nailed it! Thank you.

  • Ralph Russo

    To your point Mark, the faithful remnant that reside within the Catholic Church ARE in need of someone they can trust. People are drawn to the Truth and recognize it when they hear it. That’s what Fr. Corapi offered to the masses. He spoke without apology or equivocation, something that has been missing from many of the Bishops who became more concerned about not offending the people in pews and sacrificed our catechesis in the process to the detriment of our souls and salvation. But when Fr. Corapi fell, as he apparantly has, it does not diminish the fact the people in pew who listened to him speak the Truth of the Catholic Faith, ARE members of the Church Militant and did not follow blindly in support of or admiration for Fr. Corapi. Why do you hate those who were drawn to the Truth? Fr. Corapi was not inpeccable but he sure was infallable when he spoke about the 2,000 year old Deposit of Faith! He labored to teach us about Jesus Christ and His Church and what he gave to the Apostles who handed it on to the Saints for our salvation! After all, there still remains a huge vacuum of solid Catholic Teaching eminating from most of the pulpits in this country since the proliferation of the misintrerpretation of the Second Vatican Council so frequently used by the “progressive left” to support their false claim that the Church is antiquated and “out of touch” with the times. Fr. Corapi may have fallen, but don’t blame the people for thirsting for the Truth. Fr. Corapi, at least for a short time, was the mouthpiece for the Lord, when nary a priest or Bishop had the guts to step up to the microphone and proclaim the Authentic Gospel.

    • chezami

      “Why do you hate those who were drawn to the Truth? ”

      I don’t. When did you stop beating your wife?

      • Ralph Russo

        Another example of a condescending and disrespectful attitude toward the faithful, of which I am part. I expected no different.

        • Francisco J Castellanos

          No Sir. He is merely pointing out that you used a logical fallacy known as “a loaded question.”

    • Wait, didn’t you learn any of this from your parents?

      • Ralph Russo

        Learn what?

        • Why do we need solid Catholic Teaching from the Pulpit? Are we really going to learn more from the pulpit, even a rock star like Corapi used to be, than we did from our parents?

          What we need is more solid Catholic Teaching in the home- to our own children. Don’t depend on the clergy- read the Pope’s encyclicals yourself, and teach your children.

          • Ralph Russo

            I have no problem with that. Even the Chuch states that parents are the primary teachers of our children. Unfortunately, most parents either abdicate that responsibility to others or fail at that responsibility completely because they really didn’t want their children from the beginning and don’t care. Good, solid parenting is essential in the moral upbringing and education of our children for sure; BUT, parents are NOT the Shephards. That is not their responsibility THAT responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of the Church, whose head is Jesus Christ, through which the Teaching comes from His VIcar, the Holy Father, as guardian and protector of the Deposit of Faith, then to the Bishops, chosen by him, then to the priests whom He calls and who stand in the pulpit on Sundays.THEY are tasked to teach us the Faith and when they don’t, the flock is left to scatter to find someone else to feed them. And we are now seeing the fruit of that in the lack of parental teaching today. Most parents don’t even know what the Catholic Faith teaches or why! How can they teach their children about it then? Yes, parents can teach us good, manners, play nice with others, don’t lie, cheat, fight, steal, etc.because the moral law is written into our hearts and we innately know right from wrong. But there is much more to be learned than that and that rests on the Church in matters of Faith and Morals.

          • jenny

            …parents….? when half of families are broken and 1 in 4 children are fatherless…..?

            • All the more reason to support the PARENTS as the first teacher of a child, especially the role of fathers.

          • Barbara Moeller

            Actually, Theodore, we need solid teaching from every place it is offered within the church. It is a bishop’s duty and his office to teach, and priests are extensions of the bishops’ ministry. To counter what the world is teaching, parents need to have the support and the resources that each priest can provide, including a consistent and faithful message from the pulpit. This isn’t an either/or proposition, but a “both/and”.

    • Steve Culy

      …you know something? I frequently hear about this ‘vacuum of solid teaching coming from our pulpits’ (to use your phrase) but I seldom, seldom have any problem listening to my Priests and Deacons as they preach. Maybe I’m in a lucky parish or diocese, but my guys are solid! (St. Clare Roseville, CA)

  • memyselfand32

    With all the lies, coming from the Pope, bishops and cardinals, these days. It’s hard to say if Corapi is guilty, or if he was setup. Just look at Kansas City, St Paul, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles, over the last 2years.

    • HornOrSilk

      Lies coming from the Pope? What?!

      Seriously, the Corapi followers seem to be political ideologues, and that is why Corapi got a cult-like following with them: he knew how to play the political preacher. Sadly, his followers didn’t get a good teaching of Catholicism and the wide extent of thought found within the Church, and so they compare what Corapi said with the Pope and say stupid things like the above.

      • memyselfand32

        Do you honestly think Ratsinger was “uninformed” of all those child rapes, by that priest in Germany. The letter got to his desk, and the issue made the newspapers. But like Sgt Schultz he said “I know nothing”.

        • Jordan F. Mooney

          aaaaaand–Godwin’s Law

        • Wow, your comment shows how much you know.
          Ratzinger Has been working personally working on hundreds of those kinds of trials and removed a lot of priests since 1983. The media purposely omits that fact to condemn the truth of the Church.

          You’re so caught up i your own world you don’t even know the last 30 years? If you love Christ, you should learn all you can from his body the Church

      • Helen

        While I do not agree with the memyselfand32 statements I must say: Talk about judgement I did not see any reference to Fr Corapi in the above statement of memyselfand32. You automatically went straight to judgment of Corapi.

  • Terry Saunders

    Today I was moved to pray for “that priest” who has had some problems, but I could not recall his name. It happens at my age. However, when I recalled Fr. Corapi, and typed in his name, I was directed to this site. So sad, some of the above comments. Some are not even Christian, much less Catholic. Well, now I can pray for him. God will judge us all.

  • Steve M

    Priests have always had it both ways; the respect and adulation that comes from being Christ’s representative on earth, and then the backpeddling that comes when their most eggregious failings come to light. “He is only a man, don’t gossip, don’t cause a scandal.” It’s this sick, narcissistic system that allows for truly demented individuals to wield control over the meek, the innocent, and the emotionally weak. God help us all !

  • jenny

    On you tube there is a video posted in July 2013.

  • Mark T. Zak

    I loved Fr. Corapi, and I too believed him over his accusers…for a while, it’s just sad, broke my heart! Scars me too, w/my past I have the same potential for such behavior, just not on that level, not on my salary!

  • T-10

    I’m Baptist, sometimes, but enjoyed listening to Fr. Corapi when I got the chance. It is not for me to judge him, that’s Gods job. I did like his sermons.

  • D’Arcy Voorhees

    I haven’t read your stuff in awhile and I came back and kind of scanned through your posts and I have to say that I’m embarrassed that I ever donated to you. You seem to have no Christian compassion, coupled with a venomous tongue, and a rancid point of view that seems to have mutated over the years. I don’t remember this in the beginning of your writing or perhaps I was blinded by your appearances on EWTN. I just don’t get it, however, it doesn’t matter. I’m sure there are many that adore you.

  • jenny

    I talked once in person to Fr. Corapi, and his words touched me – he seems to be very approachable.

  • JMR

    I am no cultist. Just because you care about someone does not make you a cultist.
    All I wanted to know is how is John Corapi, the man, is doing. It is my hope and prayer that he comes back to the Lord again. Just as I hope and pray for former pastor Paul Sheppherd.

    Understand this. These men are under attack from satan more so than the average guy. Hell gets far more satisfaction taking out a witness for Jesus, rather than some unknown.

    This reminds me of when the news broke of Amy Grant divorcing her husband. I heard about it on Christian music radio station 990 WZZD. People were calling in stating they never wanted to hear another Amy Grant song on the station again. Others had other things to say.

    But Timmy D. (the DJ there), responded like this (paraphrasing): I don’t know what is going on in her life, I don’t know what is going on in her heart. A lot of people have a lot to say on this, but what I want to know is how many people said a prayer for her?

    Adrian Rogers once asked “Why is the Church the only army that shoots it’s own wounded?

    Remember the Saints are just the sinners who fall down and get up.

    Jesus did not allow a stone cast at the adulterous woman, rather He extended His mercy to her. Just as He will freely give to any who truly seeks to follow Him.

    Thank You Jesus. Praised be Your Holy Name.

    • Rochelle Odom


  • hennee

    There is honesty in his twitter account:

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    24 May 12

    Excited! Got a 2nd interview with Moviefone
    tomorrow. That’s right. Very soon you may hear me saying, “To buy tickets-press
    one.” #Catholic

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    29 Feb 12

    Can you believe I’ve lost over 30 pounds?
    It’s all because of one simple old rule…Just kidding. I hate that dumb ad. #Corapi

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    31 Jan 12

    Sorry I’ve been away. Shut down the website
    – long story. I’m selling one of my boats, anyone interested? Gonna buy me a

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    8 Aug 11

    I’m back. Watering skiing was awesome. I’m
    much better at it than you are. The water made the old beard-dye run a little
    bit, but whatever.

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    16 Jul 11

    I love lamb. Rare. #Corapi


    Retweet Retweeted

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    13 Jul 11

    I’ve got the leather pants that go with it.
    Maybe I’ll sport those next time. Chicks dig it. #Corapi

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    13 Jul 11

    Did you like my leather jacket? I borrowed
    it from Brett Favre. #Corapi

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    21 Jun 11

    Just listed a bunch of clerical shirts and
    priestly vestments on eBay. Super cheap. Check it out. #FrCorapi

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    21 Jun 11

    Anthony Weiner just called. Seriously. WTF?
    How did he get my number? #Corapi

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    21 Jun 11

    All the pizza sucks in Montana.

    Corapi ‏@SheepDogCorapi
    21 Jun 11

    Hey, I’m on Twitter! BlackSheepDog checking
    in. And yes, I’ll be continuing to dye the goatee. I don’t want to be known as
    the GraySheepDog.

    @SheepDogCorapi hasn’t tweeted yet.

  • Don

    Father Corapi was the only man of God I ever had any belief in. Please come back!

  • JohnCalla

    You sound like a real pompous ass.

    I can’t believe I ever gave a dime to Catholic Answers… but I won’t be making that mistake again.

    • chezami

      I don’t work for Catholic Answers.

      • Francisco J Castellanos

        (Shhh! He must be in the wrong com box). Hi John! if you don’t want to give money to Catholic Answers anymore, you may want to consider giving money to this guy named Shea. He wrote a great book on Catholic Prayer.

  • Virago

    I come occasionally to read your pieces. Enjoyed your books. But why do you hate what I am, what I have become, a conservative ? I think I will spend more time with the Anchoress.

    • chezami

      I don’t hate conservatives. I am one, by any reasonable definition of the word.

      • Seth Murray

        What is a reasonable definition of the word?

  • JPeterman

    I’m so sick of Father Corapi updates. When I was relearning my Catholic faith or shall I say learning for the first time I followed his show weekly and went to three of his events. Yeah, well who cares now, I was mistaken, live and learn.

    Corapi is human but I’m sick of hearing about people who can’t maintain their vows and scandalize the faithful. He made his own bed now he can lie in it. He still has until he dies to make a confession, repent and believe in the good news. He should never again be allowed to speak to an audience of Catholics, he should go and contemplate what he did and hopefully we never hear about him again except that he passed on to his reward after dying a holy death. For his sake I hope it happens.

    And Mark you do have to admit that the name “sister mary pantsuit” is Catholic blogging gold, I mean that is funny.

  • Jane Jimenez

    All of you, for and against Corapi, for and against Shea…I am with all of you…it just depends on the moment…and the mood.

    When the first news of Fr. Corapi broke in 2011, like everyone, I was shaken by emotions of every color: shock, disbelief, doubt, loyalty…all the while, I knew…time would tell.

    New to EWTN, I had been drawn to Fr. Corapi’s bold sounds, confident laughs and broad pronouncements. He was a good counterbalance to the quiet, meditative religious and to the jolly, joy-filled Mother – a three-legged stool of religious moods. I had converted from agnosticism after forty years as a prideful secularist, and I celebrated Fr. Corapi as a fellow escapee from “the world.”

    Every once in a while, though, a small, indistinct question would bubble to the surface. Why does Fr. Corapi live in the middle of a Montana forest, alone? (I know Montana.) Father asks us to pray for priests…his plea filled with great passion… what kind of prayers does he need? Why did he leave this drug-induced life he loves to talk about?

    Then one evening, Fr. Corapi entertaining his live audience, recounted a fast cops-and-Father car chase from his pre-Catholic days, racing down the highway in his hot sports car, accompanied by a beautiful blond and packing a live weapon hidden between their bucket seats. And it struck me. He seemed filled with more excitement telling of his crime spree than in telling of his deliverance by the grace of Christ. “Why?” I asked.

    It was the serious discordance that rattles us when we compare what we see against what we should see…when we compare this world against a life with Christ. I could never reconcile the image of Joseph Smith, Mormon prophet, in a shoot-out from his Missouri jail cell against the image of Christ standing silent before Pontius Pilate. And that night, on ETWN, I couldn’t reconcile Fr. Corapi celebrating his criminal joy- ride with the image of Christ’s agonizing climb to Calvary. The only thing I could tell myself was…time will tell.

    Time has passed. It tells much. But it doesn’t tell everything. Corapi’s Black Sheepdog venture was pathetic and selfish. And Corapi has rejected the call of his Order to return to his religious community life where healing and life is available.
    The comforts of modern life seem to have reeled him in…just as they once
    reeled me in.

    I check in on his welfare from time-to-time. But my day-to-day concern is for myself and the bait that dangles in front of me with the jerk of Satan on the other end of the line, hoping to reel me in. The one thing we all know is that time…and eternity…will tell. If we were “caught up” in the rock-star status of Fr. Corapi, we took our eyes off the One who truly matters.

    We may indulge in idle curiosity, checking up on Fr. Corapi. But most importantly, we are commanded to pray. Out of love and humility, we must pray without ceasing…both for Fr. Corapi’s salvation and…for our own.

    • Sulli44


    • Jim Sheridan

      wow, GREAT post!

  • Thirstfor Truth

    When Mark castigates and name-calls, it is always! to the detriment of the same
    group: Conservatives, Republicans, “hero-worshipping” Catholics. But are his
    blogs politically biased? Never! is his retort to any who might suggest that his
    own personal “agenda” closely reflects the bias of one who is of the liberal left.
    As they say, you can take the man out of the Protestant church but can you take
    the Protestant out of the man? Mark Shea proves the point.

    • Jane Jimenez

      Wow, “Thirsting.” Based on your post…you must still be thirsting…for Truth. I am clear that you are mad at Shea, and sincere debates between Christ-loving believers are inevitable. I am just not clear on the specific issue/question that prompted your post. Even Paul challenged Peter, but he did so regarding one issue (circumcision) and with reasons rather than invectives.

      It is good to Thirst for the Truth. But you must engage those who disagree with you…not shoot them and leave them for dead.

    • dogged

      “Lord, I thank you for not making me like other men!” — Luke 18:11

  • Helen

    Mark do you remember: Judge not lest YOU be judged!

  • Susan White

    Mark, your hatred of Michael Voris is getting old, and it sure doesn’t help your credibility! Please get over it

  • Georgette

    This piece is the work of the devil! Shame on you Mark Shea!
    You are very an offensive person!!!

  • Natalie

    It’s because of people like Mark Shea that I have mostly stopped listening to EWTN. I do tune in sometimes, but rarely do I stay tuned.

    • chezami

      I’m almost never on EWTN. You poor fragile flower. If your faith is so weak that my rare appearances on EWTN make you tune out the whole network on my account, you really should rethink your faith.

      • I think somewhere in the gospels it talks about “by the fruit you will know the tree.”
        Although God once used a donkey to try and bring a false prophet back to the faith, in this case you are just a braying ass.
        I don’tnee to waste my time reading your childish thoughts.
        You would have fit in well in Christ’s time with the Pharasees who thought theselves superior to the common folk.

  • Kiddie

    I think would have rather heard whatever happened to Father Corapi rather than the discourse on cult/hero worship. Mark Shea assumes a lot about me for having asked after Father Corapi. Just so you’ll know, Mr. Shea, my priest of many, many years is now my Bishop and I listened to him then and now.

  • DTEE

    what really happened to him? does anybody really know?

    • Jackson

      Likely living in Montana in his big home, with his boat and many vehicles, and his mistress.

      I never met John Corapi. Honestly, I was never attracted to his speaking either. He always came across to me as empty and insincere. I do, by accident, have a close association with SOLT and with the priest superior who weathered the controversy. Fr. Sheehan is kind almost to a fault. He is generous to the point of folly. His heart is filled with concern for the poor. He is brave and devout. He suffered deeply and unjustly through his unfortunate association with John Corapi. Knowing Fr. Sheehan and his nature, and how he was maligned and persecuted by the process of this convoluted mess, leaves no room for sympathy in my heart toward John Corapi. May God have mercy on him.

      • Kurt Homan

        “Fr. Sheehan is kind almost to a fault.”……I see Fr. Sheehan as the most selfish of men especially in regards to Fr. Corapi. By Fr. Corapi’s own conversion story we know that he had a weakness towards fame, fortune, and all it’s trappings, ie. sex, drugs, and materialism. That weakness of his didn’t just magically disapear after his conversion, and Fr. Sheehan being a Priest should have known that better than anyone. Yet in spite of Fr. Corapi’s past, Fr. Sheehan alloweded Fr. Corapi to leave the confines of the monastery, and to go back out into the world and to freely act on his passion for fame and fortune. Fr. Sheehan might as well as handed Fr. Corapi a bag of cocaine as a going away present. Both Fr. Sheehan and Fr. Corapi’s Bishop will have to answer to God for their complete and total indifference to Fr. Corapi and his eternal soul!

  • carlzilla

    I’m a conservative Catholic, I would be interested in what your definition of a “conservative Catholic”, is, because you spit it out like it is a terrible thing. You equate it to being a young man attracted to a gang, how nice. Well yes, I am preoccupied with saving children’s lives, and I believe homosexuality is against the laws of nature and of God. I pray for the strength not to only follow the ten commandments but to live them. Above all I worship Jesus Christ and believe I am a part of His mystical body on earth, the Catholic church. I guess this makes me a part of the hells angels in your viewpoint.

  • TtT Engine

    The Catholic Church is in desperate need of “soldiers for Christ” as we all promised in our Confirmations. Main stream Catholicism draws closer and closer to being an extension of left wing governments everyday. The distinction/separation becomes weaker each time it goes along and gets along with the anti-Catholic/anti-God abominations such as abortion [60 million and counting], euthanasia, gay marriage, divorce and the open war against Christianity which includes Islamo Naziism. We are paying a bitter price for the Judas catholics who have been voting for Judas politicians such as Kennedy, Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo, DeBlasio, et.als, for some 40+ years. Enjoy your “social justice”. God spare us !

  • Robbe Sebesta

    I often wonder like so many others “Whatever happened to Fr. Corapi?” Not because I idolized him – I didn’t – but because his teachings were always solidly in line with the Magisterium. Also because he had quite a colorful personal story of his fall, then rise to becoming a priest, ordained by Pope John Paul II. I was a new convert when I discovered EWTN and Fr. Corapi and have to admit that he helped form my faith, so naturally I was saddened when I heard the news about his downfall. I can’t help but think addiction got a hold of him again in some form, but that’s just speculation because it’s all he’s left us with. I still pray that he will come around and fulfill his calling, and I pray that for myself as well.

  • truth

    “Grow up. Stop worshipping Folk Heros. Learn to listen to the Church. And let those who adored and trusted in the Folk Hero pray for the poor soul they burdened with trust and adoration that should only have been placed in Jesus Christ.”

    Honestly, your tone is so uncharitable it sounds like you had something personal against Fr. Corapi. And this statement sounds very Protestant to me. Don’t trust anyone but Jesus, not even those Jesus gives as our help along the way. Why should anyone read what you write then? I think you have so much to offer. Please don’t ruin that by being uncharitable.