Nutjob secessionism is not welcome here

Nutjob secessionism is not welcome here January 22, 2013

So to demonstrate that our gun culture is perfectly rational, the conversation in my comboxes regarding Federico Lombardi’s common sense remarks managed to turn, rather quickly, toward fantasy scenarios about secession from the Union.  Nothing says “engagement with reality” like fantasy scenarios about violent revolution.  And all because of a couple of mild proposals made–reluctantly–in response to a slaughter of six year olds.  Yeah.  Gun culture is really impressing me with its rationality.

Back in the last decade, the zealots for torture in the Thing that Used to Conservatism spent *massive* amounts of time dwelling on and fantasizing about ticking time bomb scenarios.  What they told themselves was that they were being “realistic” in dwelling on these thriller movie fantasies.  What they were in fact doing was living in deep unreality in order to justify both their fears and, more especially, their irrational will to justify the sins they were attached to and striving to defend and perpetuate.

Dwelling on panicky dystopian  futures in which “patriots” secede from and make war on the United States is the same sort of thing.  It is not “realism” or “preparation” for any having to do with reality on the ground.  It is simply indulgence of fear with a view to enabling violence.  It is precisely to this kind of mindset that Jesus speaks when he says, “Do not worry about tomorrow.  Tomorrow will worry about itself.  Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

Now hear this: This blog will. not. be. a forum for “discussing” secession or civil war.  I will, as Chief Tyrant of Catholic and Enjoying It, have exclusive rights for saying that those who advocate (ie. “want to discuss”) this are dangerous and irresponsible and unwelcome to do so here.  Those who choose to ignore me on this point will find themselves in the same ban file as those who want to use my comboxes to advocate for abortion.  For both of you are urging the death of lots and lots of innocents.

Here’s a crazy idea: How about conservative Christians try approaching our culture’s problems in some way *other* than fantasizing about getting the chance to indulge in violence, torture and war?  The Church treats these things as last resorts, but comboxers have a weird way of making them first resorts on the flimsiest fantasy scenario provocations.

This policy is not open for discussion.  You are, on this point, welcome to agree with me.  That’s it.  That’s all.

Update: Some people chose to ignore me and offer apologetics for secession anyway.  Those posts are gone.  Keep ignoring me and you will be gone.  Comprende?

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