Garry Wills, Apostate, vs. Stephen Colbert, Catechist

Garry Wills, Apostate, vs. Stephen Colbert, Catechist February 14, 2013

In his weird subversive way, Colbert reaches more people with actual catechesis than almost any figure in the media.

Wills, meantime, is completely off the deep end when it comes to Augustine’s views on the Eucharist, his dismissal of Hebrews, and his now thorough Protestant idiosyncracies.

Frank Weathers did the heavy lifting finding the numerous quotes from Augustine on the Real Presence. Sad to see Wills apostatize. Bear that apostasy in mind as the Times looks through its tiny Rolodex of Approved Catholic Dissenters and reliably gets Wills to voice his despair that the next Pope will be Catholic and not the generic liberal Protestant he stamps his tiny foot and demands.

Apostasy and hopelessness are peas in a pod.

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