Karl Keating has fun with math

Karl Keating has fun with math February 19, 2013

Here he is, debunking the notion that the meteor in Russia should have collided with one of our 300 geosynchronous satellites and the claim that this somehow proves the Alien Conspiracy.

By the way, I’m pleased to report that when I asked my son Peter what the odds were of a major meteor strike on the exact same day an asteroid was making a close flyby of earth, he answered “Astronomical”.  My son and heir!

Happily, we were on the Ferry across the Sound at the time, and by chance, his cousin Esther bumped into the gang of Sheavings and cousins and they had a good visit.  It turned out Esther was headed somewhere else, not the party we were going to.

I had the satisfaction of telling Pete that the odds of bumping into her were “Esthernomical”.

I am so funny. So so funny!

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