Mahony Continues to Make a Spectacle of Himself

Mahony Continues to Make a Spectacle of Himself February 19, 2013

Now he’s the Suffering Servant, identifying himself with Jesus as he was prophecied in Isaiah 53.  He humbly writes of himself:

The poem of the Suffering Servant is important for all of us who are disciples of Jesus Christ since we are called to imitate his words, actions, and life.  Part of that journey will always entail suffering from time to time.  But what makes Jesus’ suffering so different, and so important for us, is that he lived out Isaiah’s prophecy fully:  “…he did not open his mouth…”

That means never rationalizing what is happening in our lives, never protesting misunderstandings, and never getting angry because of false accusations.  And that is so difficult for us human beings.  It is certainly difficult for me on my journey.

This could have something to do with the fact that the accusations against the Cardinal–that he protected people who sexually abused children from prosecution and ran a cosa nostra devoted to the twin tasks of hiding this and aggrandizing his sociopathic narcissistic self–are not false accusations, but true ones.  And now the guy is running a vendetta against his successor and using his blog to stage a last stand of disgusting self-pity.  I wish the LA prosecutor would press charges and jail him before the conclave.  He belongs behind bars. What a repellent spectacle.

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