Close Gitmo

Close Gitmo March 21, 2013

One of the lies our God King told us was that he was going to close Gitmo. I join with…

to say, “Keep your promise, Mr. Prez.”

Our state run media, like Uncle Screwtape, largely functions not by putting ideas *into* our heads, but by keeping ideas out.  So, for instance, if it weren’t for the Internet keeping you informed, you would scarcely know about the repellently monstrous acts of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, nor about the trial in which those acts are being documented. It’s a story that, while “covered” is carefully placed somewhere on Page 7 and is not given the “This tells you what they are all really like” treatment that nuts like the Phelps cult always lovingly receive.

In the same way, the state-run media hasn’t told you anything about the hunger strike being held by prisoners in Gitmo.  After all, they’re just prisoners in Gitmo so they are automatically scum.

Only here’s the thing:

There are men there who have been cleared of all charges and are not being released.  There are others who have been in legal limbo, with no court date in sight, for years.  All while we live with a second term president who promised to close Gitmo in his first term, and seems to be doing nothing on the issue now.

In short, President Hope and Change is overseeing a prison system that has what we *know* are innocent men behind bars, whom we simply can’t be bothered to release, along with other men whom we can’t be bothered to find out if they are worthy of prison or not.  They are guilty of being swarthy and Muslim, but beyond that, we don’t know and don’t care.  So these forgotten prisoners, in their desperation, are hunger striking.

It’s of a piece, of course, with this Administration’s method of dealing with “terror”: blow up weddings and funerals and deliberately murder women and children on the theory that some of them may be terrorists.  Afterwards, declare them terrorists and nobody will be the wiser.

Our state-run media is not telling you that story, because our President is Just and Wise and stories like that will upset you and make you think incorrect thoughts about his Justice and Wisdom.

Still and all, along with Ironic Catholic (linked above) and  Chocolate for your Brain and Patheos’ own Frank Weathers and Tom McDonald, Catholic and Enjoying It wishes to add its voice to those demanding that the innocent be set free (in a better world, it would be with apologies and restitution from the US government for years of unjust imprisonment) and that Gitmo be closed.

Finally, let me quote Ironic Catholic one last time:

This post brought to you courtesy of a Bunch Of Catholics Blogging To Close Gitmo, and I encourage you to join us by writing your own post/status/tweet today, March 21st.  My compatriot Sherry Antonetti is working with me on this, and her excellent post is here.  And before you say, is this what America has come to–a rally for change led by two humor bloggers?–let me be the first to say, unfortunately, it has.  But others are joining us and some have worked to educate on this issue a long time.  I tip my hat to their hard work.  Now let’s get praying and calling!

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