Prominent Muslim Convert Leaves Church

Prominent Muslim Convert Leaves Church March 25, 2013

Sadly, Magdi Allam, who was baptized a few years back, has left the Church.  His reason is that he feels it to be “too weak with Islam”.

As I mentioned here:

You can become Catholic, not so much to be Catholic as to extend the middle finger to the last Protestant sect you left behind in your hurt and anger. You establish an unwritten contract with God that, in becoming Catholic, you will show those clowns you left behind what for, and that the Church you are now embracing is Christ’s true and perfect Church (and, just between you and me, a Church worthy of me.

You cannot build a life on protest.  Let us pray for Mr. Allam that he comes to see the Church for what she is: the sacrament of Jesus Christ and not merely a cudgel for beating the Islamic life he remains strangely enthralled with.  For to hate something is to be bound to it as much as to love it.  Father, grant him the grace to seek Jesus Christ and not merely vengeance on Islam.  Mother Mary, pray for him.  We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Another warning to the rest of us against anointing folk heroes.  It’s hard enough being a new Catholic without having all those expectations placed on us.

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